Capturing Cambridge
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117 Hills Road, 4 College Terrace

History of 117 Hills Road


Rebecca Knightly, 58, house proprietor, born Cambridge

Obadiah Hobbs, 28, agent local preacher, born Sussex

William A Porteous, 23, photographer, born Dorset


William H Constable, 49, artist in stained glass employin 4 men, born Suffolk

Adia Alice, daughter, 20, pupil teacher, born Warwick

William E, 19, assistant in glass staining, born Warwick

Louisa Chambers, 36, servant, born Gt Swaffham


Edward T Titterington, 32, sen clerk Post Office telegraphs, born Westmoreland

Alice E, 26, born Cambridge

Edward J G, 6, born Cambridge

Mary Gifford, servant, 15, born Cambridge


Henry W Ward Trinder, museum assistant

May, wife, 27, born Grantchester


Henry William Ward Trinder, 45, married, scholastic agency clerk, born Islington


Henry William Ward-Trinder


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