Capturing Cambridge
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RGL 2017

2 Hills Road, Wanstead House

Hisotry of 2 Hills Road

Royal Commission Survey of Cambridge 1959: of two and three storeys with cellars … incorporates fittings from Wanstead House Essex which are offered for sale in 1824. On the bankruptcy of Richard Woods, the builder and occupant, in 1826 the ‘new built’ house was sold and a plan of it in that year is in the University Library.

The house is notable for the important fittings it contains from Colen Campbell’s first major work. Wanstead House, in Essex, which was built between c 1715 and 1721 for Sir Richard Child, later Earl Tylney of Castlemaine.

Pevsner notes: No. 2, with an uncommonly splendid Corinthian doorcase from Colen Campbell’s Wanstead House in Essex, c. 1714-20 (demolished 1824), earliest of the great Anglo-Palladian mansions. The villa for that reason is known as Wanstead House. It was newly built in 1826, when it was sold by its bankrupt builder, Richard Woods. Numerous fittings also from Wanstead, especially of the staircase balustrade, with elaborate wrought-iron balusters of lyre pattern adorned with thick scrolls. Also some very rich cornices, marble fireplaces with console brackets, and the panelling of two rooms. (Cambridgeshire p.327)

c 1837

William Clark MD, father  of John Willis Clark, the antiquary, moved from Wanstead House to Scroope House

1841 ?


(Hills Road)

William Eaden Lilly, 34, linen and woollen draper, b Cambridge

Rachel M, 25, b Norwich

Anna K, 10, b Cambridge

William E, 9, b Cambridge

Louisa, 8, b Cambridge

Rachel E, 3m, b Cambridge

Richard Freeman, servant, 29, b Norfolk

Harriet Williams, servant, 26, b Cambridge

Maria Robins, servant, 22, b Norfolk

Mary Rossborough, 19, b Norfolk

(In 1841 William Lilly was living with his family at Park Terrace)

There is a history of Eaden Lilley on Wikipedia.


(Wanstead House 2)

James Cooper, 39, assurance agent, b Bucks

Lidia S, 48, governess, b Hackney

Francis S, 8, b Cambridge

Laura, 7, b Cambridge

Herbert J, 6, b Cambridge

Anne Brabbs, teacher, 30, b Essex

Mary Thornton, 20, teacher, b Oxford

Ellen T Harvard, pupil, 15, b Norfolk

Emma Thornton, pupil, 18, b Oxford

Martha Beale, pupil, 16, b Royston

Lizzie Whitechurch, pupil, 15, b Harlton

Emily Biddall,  pupil, 14, b Haddenham

Harriett Rule, cook, 27, b Fulbourn

Ann William, 32, nurse and needlewoman, b Cambridge

Jane Siely, 20, housemaid, b Norfolk

Mary Rogers, 13, servant, b Cambs


Canon Quinlivan purchased Wanstead House in 1865, the grounds of which backed on to the Catholic church and school site. This gave him land with which to rebuild the school. The new school and house for the teachers was finished in 1868 at a cost of £1000. It left the Catholic Mission though with a debt of £500 at a high interest rate.



(2 Hills Road)

William Guillemard, 55, vicar of St Mary the Less, b Hackney

Elizabeth Susanna, 47, b Warwicks

Elizabeth S, 20, b Ireland

Rosamund H, 17, b Ireland

Mary F, 15, b Ireland

Laurence N, 8, b Ireland

Lucy Jane, 5, b Ireland

Susanna McCormick, 35, cook, b Liverpool

Sarah Howard, 25, nurse, b Middlesex

Catharine Wood, 23, housemaid, b Gloucs

Emma Adams, 17, kitchen maid, b Grantchester

William Henry Guillemard 1815-1887 studied at Pembroke College Cambridge. He was a leading figure in ‘the Oxford movement’ in Cambridge. From 1848-1869 he was headmaster of the Royal College in Armagh. In 1869 he was appointed vicar of St Mary’s the Less in Cambridge.


Mary A Sykes, widow, income from house property

Hannah Mason

Sarah A Dodd, 32, parlour maid, b Salop

Elizabeth Blazier, 21, cook,  b Norfolk

Esther Wilson, 18, 18, housemaid, b Cambs


Mary Ann Sykes, widow, living on own means

Hannah Mason,

Septimus Green Wood, brother in law, 64, living on own means, b Yorks

Eliza Wood, sister, 68, b Lincs

Elizabeth Susanna Blazier, cook

Hannah Twin Baker, housemaid, 30, b Northants

Catherine Mary Andrews, parlour maid, 31, b Beds


Mary A Sykes, widow, 79, living on own means, b Lincs

Hannah Mason, sister, 68, living on own means, b Lincs

Elizabeth S Blazier, 51, servant, cook, b Norfolk

Brown A Rose, 30, parlourmaid, b Beds

Sarah A Dodd, 52, housemaid, born Shropshire

Lilian M Ringer, 29, sick nurse, b Cambridge


Helen Cartwright, superintendent, 46, b Hants

Pollie Brunt, matron, 35, b Cambridge

Ada Minnie Curtis, kitchen matron, 32, b Weston super Mare

Daisy Davies, 14, inmate, training for domestic service, b Cambs

Maud Mary Christine Millard, 15,  inmate, training for domestic service, b Bedford

Alice May Tomkins, 16,  inmate, training for domestic service, b London

Beatrice Ada Lucas, 15,  inmate, training for domestic service, b Cambs

Florence Maud Walker, 13,  inmate, training for domestic service, b London

Florence Morley, 15,  inmate, training for domestic service, b Cambridge

Edith Annie Ethel Mills, 14,  inmate, training for domestic service, b Birmingham

Edith Kate Hooney, 15,  inmate, training for domestic service, b Norfolk

Sarah Ann Orange, boarder, 42, laundry matron, b Leeds

Charlotte Sheeham, clerk for labour exchange, 25,  b Portsmouth

Mary Etheldreda Wilson, boarder, 56, private means, b Cambridge

Ellen Smith, boarder, 37, photography, b Ryde


Ely Diocese Girls’ Friendly Society Lodge and Training Home

Miss Cartwright, lady superintendent


George S Starte, b 1894, dentist

Kate A Starte, b 1894

Alan S Starte, b 1921

Antony J N Starte, b 1927


Lily Hodder, b 1911, cook



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