Capturing Cambridge
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27 (57) (41) Hills Road, Norfolk Temperance Hotel

History of 27 Hills Road


(41) Corbyn




(57 Hills Road)

Rebecca Hovell, widow, 63, land proprietress, born Burwell

Ellen R, 41, land proprietress, born Cambridge

Mary Linsdale, servant, 33, born Cambridge

Elizabeth Hopkins, servant, 20, born Cambs


(57 Hills Road)

Thomas Carpenter, 38, butcher, born Cambridge

Mary Ann, 39, born Cambridge

Alice Jane, 16, born Cambridge

Susan Ann, 13, born Cambridge

Ada Grace, 10, born Cambridge

George, 8, born Cambridge

Annie Constance, 7, born Cambridge

Thomas, 5, born Cambridge

Mary Ann, 4, born Cambridge

Emma Salmon, lodger, widow, 58, annuitant, born Ely

Hannah Watson, niece, 15, servant, born Ely


(57 Hills Road)

John Pearce, 37, ironmongers manager, born Cornwall

Amelia, 31, born Suffolk

Arthur J, 9, born Norfolk

Florence A R, 6, born Ely

Percy T, 7 mos, born Surrey

Ann Jugg, 17, servant, born Ely


Isaac Tippett, 39, manager of hotel, born Hants

Henrietta, 39, born Wilts

Ellen, 5, born Hants

Nelly Day, servant, 20, born Cambridge

Adrian R Dunne, boarder, 26, commercial traveller, born London


Henry Simpson, Hotel Manager

Sarah E, wife, 35, Hotel Manager, born Herts

Frances H Franklin, sister in law, waitress, born Herts

Beatrice M Franklin, sister in law, milliner, born Herts

Eliza Jennings, 14, servant, born Stapleford

Elizabeth Lock, visitor, 58, own means, born Scotland


Henry John Simpson, 46, Temperance Hotel Manager, born Cambridge

Frances Harriet Franklin, sister in law, 32, assistant hotel, born Herts

Kitty Florence Bloy, waitress, 18, born Manchester

Winifred May Goings, housemaid, 15, born Suffolk

Lucy Marsh Burling, kitchenmaid, 16, born Bottisham

Ellen Austin, boarder, 68, private means, born Surrey

Anna Austin, boarder, 60, private means, born Surrey

William Hendrik, boarder, 36, florist traveller, born Holland


Norfolk Temperance Hotel, A C Tokley manager

Alfred Charles Tokley: Gunner 93328, 283rd Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery. Died of wounds 26th July 1917. Born Cressing, Essex, enlisted Cambridge. Buried in HAZEBROUCK COMMUNAL CEMETERY, Nord, France. Plot III. Row F. Grave 2. See also Cambridge Guildhall (St Paul’s Roll of Honour)

Alfred Tokley attested in December 1915 when he was manager of the Temperance Hotel. He was married to Edith and had two children Elsie and Lily. He trained as a signaller and served in France from 28.3.1917 until his death.


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