Capturing Cambridge
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30 Cambridge Place

History of 30 Cambridge Place


Benj Northfield, 32, labourer

Mary, 36,



Martha Gray, 80, pauper, b Grantchester

Thomas, 30, bricklayer, b Chesterton

Nathaniel, 25, bricklayer, b Cambridge


Thomas Gray, 28, railway servant engine driver, b Cambridge

Mary,  30, b Shrewsbury

Mary, 5, b Middlesex

Sarah A, 1, b Middlesex


William Utterage, widower, 62, laborer, b Trumpington

Ellen, daughter, 23, needle woman,  b Trumpington


Jemima Hoye, 73, Allowed by the parish [sic], b Stetchworth

John, 46, bricklayer’s labourer, b Stetchworth


Edward Dockrill, widower, 65, carman, b Cambridge

Barth Dockrill, daughter, 20, b Cambridge


Leonard W Newling, 26, general labourer,

Nellie, 25, b Cambridge

Florence, 6, b Cambridge

Daisy, 3, b Cambridge

Leonard W, 3 mos, b Cambridge

Jane Osborne, niece, 10, b Cambridge

Mary, niece, 7, b Cambridge

George, nephew, 5, b Cambridge

Walter Newman, nephew, 16, general labourer, b Cambridge

George Manning, nephew, 18, general labourer, b London


George Kefford, 38, farm labourer, b Linton

Florence, 41, b Trumpington

George William, 11, b Cambridge

Lizzie, 7, b Cambridge

William Herbert, 5, b Cambridge


Mrs Lloyd


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