Capturing Cambridge
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30 Hills Road (16)(14)

History of 30 Hills Road



Rebecca Coomber, 60

Sarah Burton, 70

Mary Turner, 40, servant

Ann Worland, 16, servant



Rebecca Comber, 69, b Essex, houses and funds

Sarah Burton, visitor, 79, funds, b Essex

Mary Turner, servant, 54, b Shelford

Maria Matthews, servant, 26, b Cambridge



Rebecca Comber, 82, widow, landed property, b Essex

Mary Warland, 64, servant, b Shelford

Charlotte Seaford, 24, servant,  b Cambs



Robert Talbot, 75, retired surveyor of taxes, b Soham

Elizabeth, 61, surveyor’s wife, b Oxon

Sophia Lansdown, servant, 60, b Norwich


(16 Hills Road)

Ebenezer Field, 46, chemist, b Cambridge

Elizabeth, 41, b Cambridge

Harriett, 20, b Cambridge

Alice, 16, b Cambridge

Ebenezer, 14,  b Cambridge

Louis, 12, b Cambridge

Arthur, 10, b Cambridge


William J,

Edith A,

Ernest H,

Susan Northrup, servant, 20


Ebenezer Field, 56, chemist, b Cambridge

Clara, teacher

Ebenezer, 24, chemist’s assistant, b Cambridge

Arthur, 20, scholar, b Cambridge

George 18, chemist’s assistant, b Cambridge

William, 16, laboratory assistant, b Cambridge

Ernest Harry, 11,


Ebenezer Field, chemist and druggist


William J, 26, chemist and druggist,  b Cambridge

Edith A, 24, b Cambridge

Ernest H, 21, b Cambridge, chemist and ??


Ebenezer Field, 76, chemist, b Cambridge

Elizabeth, 71, b Cambridge

Clara Caunt, 48, daughter,

Edith Anna Field, 34, post office clerk


Ebenezer Field, chemist, Councillor of the Borough

Notes about Ebenezer Field as a photographer in Cambridge can be found here:


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