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St Paul's Church Cambridge

43 Hills Road (51/35)

History of 43 Hills Road


Thomas Dixon, 50, gardener, born Cambs

Ann Dixon, 48, born Cambs

John Dixon, 8, born Cambs

William Keane, 23, born Ireland

Robin Keane, 13, born Ireland

According to the Highsett Chronicle (2014) John Dixon, who lived at the house from 1844-1905 was described as an organ builder, but the family business was known as Hills Road Nurseries.


(35 Hills Road)

Thomas Dixon, florist


John, florist

Elizabeth Hart, visitor, 49, private governess, born Canada

Percy Hart, 13, born Cambridge


(51 Hills Road)

Thomas Dixon, gardener


John, son, florist

Emma, son’s wife,

Robert Ellin, boarder, 23, wood carver, born Cambridge


(no number)

Thomas Dixon, 82, gardener, born Kent

Ann, wife, 75, born Cambridge

John Dixon, son, 38, nurseryman, born Cambridge,

Emma, wife, 33, born Cambridge

Florence Mary Dixon, daughter, 10, born Cambridge

Algernon Howck Smith, 26, curate of St Paul’s Cambridge, born Margate


(51 Hills Road)

Sarah J Gurney, lodger, unmarried, 55, teacher of music and languages, born London

Mary E Butterworth, 30, lodger, unmarried, teacher of music, born Gloucs

Emma Dixon, wife, 43, lodging house keeper

Eliza Matthew, 16, general servant, born Orwell


Emma Dixon, wife, 53, lodging house keeper, born Cambridge

Rebecca Waters, 16, general servant, born Gamlingay


Emma Dixon, widow, 63, letting lodgings, born Cambridge

Mary J Lincoln, 36, niece, single, born Islington

Lilian M Langford, 15, servant, born Cambridge

The building is set back from the road at the end of a narrow plot


John Jarvis, 56, builder, born Lincs

Fanny, 61, born Hants.

Ethel, 30, born Cambridge

Mildred, 18, typist clerk, born Cambridge

Horace, 20, carpenter, born Cambridge


John Jarvis, horticultural builder and church, school and heating engineer

This plot later became part of the Highsett development.


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