Capturing Cambridge
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46 Cambridge Place

History of 46 Cambridge Place


Harriett Crask, 37, charwoman

Walter, 13

Emma, 10

Charles, 7


William Brignell, 67, labourer, b Duxford


Hannah Brignell, widow, 56, servant,  b Cambridge

Henry Jennings, boarder, 42, ag lab, b Little Shelford

Frederick Jennings, 19, boarder, ag lab, b Cambridge

Charles Brignell, son, 13, railway servant carter,  b Cambridge


Hannah Brignall, widow, 66, b Cambridge

James Allden, boarder,18, laborer,  b Cambridge

Edward Newman, boarder, 16, laborer,  b Cambridge


Arthur G Sharp, 28, railway carman, b Herts

Frances E, 29, b Cambridge

William, 5, b Cambridge

Samuel, 4, b Cambridge

Arthur, 2, b Cambridge

Nelly, 4 mos, b Cambridge

Arthur J Hardy, brother in law, 14, b Cambridge


Arthur Sharp, widower, 38, carman GE Rail, b Herts

William, 15, baker, b Cambridge

Samuel, 14, baker, b Cambridge

Arthur, 12, errand boy, b Cambridge

Nelly, 10, b Cambridge

Alfred, 9, b Cambridge

Frederick, 4, b Cambridge

Elizabeth, 2, b Cambridge

Walter, 4m, b Cambridge

Elizabeth Brignall, 20, housekeeper, b Cambridge

does not appear in later censuses


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