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46 Hills Road (24)(22)

46 Hills Road



Ann Cox, 40, lodging house keeper

Frances, 2

Emma Stanley, 15,

Maria Burton, 60,

Jane, 30,

Margaret, 25,

Esther, 20,


Ann Potts, 53, annuitant, b Hunts

Thomas Wolstenholmes, nephew, 15, b Hunts

Hezia Swans, servant, 19, b Ely



Roger D D Duffield, 46, [detailed but illegible description of employment], b Sawston, Cambs

Harriet D, 35, b Essex

Harriet E D D D, 14, b Essex

Mary B D E D D, 11, b Essex

Margaret D D, 4, b Cambs

Fanny Bolton, 14, servant, b Cambridge

The entry in the National Probate registry for 1870 records that the Reverend Roger Dawson Dawson-Duffield LL.D of Sefton Lancashire was a Count of the Principality of Monaco and Knight of the Order of St Charles. He died on 24 August 1870 and left effects valued under £8,000.

He was admitted to St Johns College in  1834 but then moved to Corpus Christi in 1835. He moved to Downing College in 1838, took his MA in 1841 and his LL.D in 1863.

the 1848 White’s Directory for Essex records Rev Roger Dawson Duffield resident in Alpamstone, near Halstead, where he is chaplain to the Duke of Cambridge and curate of Lamarsh.



Dennis Chandler, 70, retired baker, b Suffolk

Judith, 70, b Suffolk

Elizabeth Wentworth, boarder, 61, funded property, b Cambridge

Ellen Looe, servant, 19, b Suffolk


(24 Hills Road)

John Holding, lodger, 41, clerk in holy orders and undergraduate, b Lancs

Sarah Edis, lodger, 70, income from dividends, b Boxworth

Mary Chandler, head, lodging house keeper, b Suffolk

Clara Searle, servant, 14, b Comberton


Mary Chandler, 54, lodging house keeper, b Suffolk

Rebecca M Lister, 23, servant, b Cambridge


Mary A Richardson, 61, living on own means, b Cambridge

Eliza Richardson, visitor, 62, living on own means, b Cambridge


Lydia Adams, widow, 74, living on own means, b Stretham


James P Saul, 77, retired hosier, b Cambridge

Mary A, 74, b Cambridge

Harriett Chapman, 18, servant, b Burwell


Rosa Hales Moore, 50, married, private means, b Norwich

Alice Rosa, 22, b Stoke on Trent

Kathleen Susannah, 20, b Stoke on Trent

Florence Elizabeth, 19, b Worcs.

Jane de Bondt, boarder, 22, dentist’s assistant, b Netherlands


E Moore, surgical and mechanical dentist

1939 Tobacco and Confectionary Shop

Jacob Ward, b 1902, lorry driver’s mate and driver heavy goods vehicle

Gertrude E, b 1902, manageress tob and confry shop

Dennis E, b 1928


Eliza Maskill, b 1863

(Bungalow back of shop)

William L Swinden, b 1902, hotel waiter

Anne, b 1909, housemaid

Eileen Macgrath, b 1907, hotel employee

Robert Cole, b 1916, cook Caius College

Herbert Fogg, b 1914, hotel waiter



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