Capturing Cambridge
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47 Hills Road (2 Eastbourne Villa), St Bernard’s

History of 47 Hills Road


(Eastbourne Villas)

John Deighton, 50, General Practitioner MRCP, born Soham

Adelaide Eliza, 40,

Frederick, 16, born Cambridge

Adelaide Mary, 13, born Cambridge

Alfred A, 8,

Charlotte Stubbings, 25, housemaid, born Gt Wilbraham

Martha Pilgrim, 20, cook, born Gt Wilbraham

Jane Harding, 14, under housemaid, born Barrington


(2 Eastbourne Villa)

Adelaide E Deighton, wife, 48, surgeon’s wife, born Norwich

Adelaide M Deighton, daughter, 22, born Cambridge

Alfred A Deighton, son, 18, born Wales

Charlotte Stubbings, servant, 35, housemaid, born Gt Wilbraham


(St Bernards)

Frederick Deighton, General Practitioner

Louisa E

Francis J

Frederick M


Dorothy L

Edward F

Winifred E

Anna S Fisher, 72, mother in law, born Sri Lanka

Margaret Hossack, cook, 23, born Lincs

Elizabeth Garner, housemaid, 28, born Willingham

Emily Holmes, nurse, 30, born Berks

Bertha E Pylaw, 18, under nurse, born Essex


Frederick Deighton, 46, surgeon, born Cambridge

Louisa E, 47, born Cambridge

Francis J, 16, born Cambridge

Frederick M, 15, born Cambridge

John, 13, born Cambridge

Dorothy L, 12, born Cambridge

Edward F, 11, born Cambridge

Winifred E, 10, born Cambridge

Gerald W, 8, born Cambridge

Margaret E, 6, born Cambridge

Martha Pain, 39, cook, born Swavesey

Emily E Taylor, 20, housemaid, born Cambridge

Esther Jackson, 24, housemaid, born Barton



Louisa Ellen


Dorothy Lilian

Margaret Evelyn

Florence Elizabeth Barker, 25, housemaid, born London

Ada Matilda Salisbury, 32, cook, born Cambridge

Edith Mary Carnell, 16, housemaid, born Enfield


Frederick Deighton, M.A., M.B. hon. surgeon to Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Frederick Deighton (1854-1924) was a graduate of Peterhouse College and St George’s Hospital. He also worked at the Hospital for Diseases of the Throat, Golden Square. In 1883 he returned to Cambridge to take over his father’s practice after he had died in an accident. He established an Ear, Nose and Throat Department at Addenbrookes and then took over the Gynaecological Department.


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