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51 Hills Road (46), Swiss Villa

History of 51 Hills Road


(46 Hills Road)

Henry James Everitt, 36, engine fitter, born Wilts

Martha Markham Everitt, 34, born Essex

Martha Millicent, 4, born Cambridge

Annie E, 2, born Cambridge

William H A, 1 month, born Cambridge

Jessie Rute, servant, 18, born Cambridge

Edward Brooke Martin, 41, lodger, commercial clerk, born Somerset

Anna Christine Martin, wife, 34, born Denmark

Victoria E C, 10, born Dublin

Marian N F, 7, born Denmark


(46 Hills Road)

Arnold Flitton, 26, corn and flour merchant employing 2 men, born Meldreth

Susan E, 26, born Beds

Violet A, 6mos, born Cambridge

Elizabeth Harper, 15, servant, born Melbourn


Gustavus Bartlett, 46, Inspector HM  Telegraphs, born Devon

(in 1881 the Bartlett family were living at 58 Hills Road, by the old numbering scheme, on the other side of Glisson Road)

Emma S, 36, born London

Hilda M, 14, born Newark

Cecil G A, 12, born Cambridge

Clifton L, nephew, 9, born Stoke Newington

Alice L Hardman, 17, servant. born Barrington


Jane Reynolds, single, 54, agent to Assn. for ‘care of girls’, born Herts

Harry G Layton, nephew, 12, born Kent

Edith L Loch, boarder, 37, secondary teacher, born India


Jane Reynolds, private means


Miss Reynolds


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