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57 Cambridge Place

History of 57 Cambridge Place


Thomas Moor, 66, fishmonger, b Cambridge, deaf


Mary Loman, widow, 77, umbrella maker, b Norfolk


Thomas Edgton, 48, line plate maker and hawker, b Northants

Fanny Edgton, 40, b Rutland


John H Drury, 32, brewer’s man, Duxford

Ellen, 31, b Melbourne

William, 9, b Melbourne

Margaret, 7, b Melbourne, deaf and dumb

Ellen M, 2, b Melbourne

Edith E, 3 mos, b Melbourne


William Whitby, 33, labourer, b Cambridge

Emma, 30, b Cambridge

Minnie, 7, b Cambridge

Emily Maxim, nurse child,  6 ms,  b Cambridge

Nurse child: “A nurse child was a standard term for an infant foster child. It is not necessarily the case that a nurse child was being nursed (breastfed) by a woman in the same household. The nurse child may have been fostered out for a number of reasons, such as the loss of one or both parents, or the parents being unable to look after the child due to reduced circumstances.” (Genes Reunited)


Frederick Wallman, 23, cab driver, b Cambridge

Kate, 28, b Wilts

Elizabeth A, 3, b Cambridge

Edith E, 2, b Cambridge

Jane, 6 weeks, b Cambridge


Agnes Lloyd, 47, widow, b Trumpington

Harriet, 21, laundress, b Trumpington

Charles, 2, b Cambridge

Walter Carse, boarder, 35, general labourer, b Cambridge

Leslie Carse, boarder, 5, b Cambridge


William Jackels


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