Capturing Cambridge
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57 Hills Road

History of 57 Hills Road


Frederick Metcalfe, 48, printer tobacconist, born Cambridge

Alice M, 40, born York

Frank, 21, stationer, born Cambridge

Florence,14, born Cambridge

Harry, 10, born Cambridge

Alfred, 8, born Cambridge

Ben, 5, born Cambridge

Eliza Ford, 20, born Cambridge


Francis A Paul, 41, draper’s assistant, born Herts

Mary, 39, born Essex

Bernard D, 5, born Cambridge

Clara F Linsey, 15, general servant, born Gt Shelford


John Moore, 42, bootmaker (dealer), born London

Mary, 36, born Peckham

Winifred Mary, 11, born Chesterton

Margaret Alice, 7, born Cambridge

Ethel Sheldrick, 19, servant, servant,  born Cambridge

John Charles Beswich, boarder, 27, foreman joiner, born London


John Moore, tobacconist, boot dealer and fancy goods dealer


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