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74 Hills Road (2 Dorset Terrace)

History of 74 Hills Road


(2 Dorset Terrace)

Catherine Footman, wife, 39, wife of a BA, b Ipswich

Catherine Payne, visitor, widow, 29, widow of a surgeon, b Oxon

Allen R Footman, son, 9, b Suffolk

John Footman, son, 5,

Catherine Footman, 2,

Anne Watling, servant, 40, cook,

Susanna Batler, servant, 24, housemaid,

Ann Ward, servant, 21, nurse,


(2 Dorset Terrace)

Emily Mainprice, 49, school mistress, b Fordham

Lilian Leach boarder, 18, English governess, b Liverpool

Annette Byford, boarder, 18, b London

Lily Taylor, boarder, 17, b Essex

Jane H Barnard, boarder, 13, b Essex

Florence Taylor, boarder,14, b Soham

Constance G Taylor, boarder, 12, b Soham

Fanny Bates, servant, 21, b Ely


(2 Dorset Terrace)

Charles H Floyd, 54, b Hunts, Wesleyan minister

Annie M, 51, b Wilts

Jessie S, 22, b Kent

Alfred E, 14, b Birmingham

Frank P, 10, b Oxon

Edith G Spoor, 20, b Wales, teacher in private school

Ada Baker, servant, 20,


(2 Dorset Terrace Hills Road)

George Kimm, railway district superintendent


Catherine F, 23

Fanny F, 20, b Cambridge

Gertrude F, 15, b Norwich

Mabel R, 11, b Norwich

Flora Plumb, servant, 16, b Essex


George Kimm, 64, district railway superintendent GER, b Essex

Emma Kimm, 59, (6 children, 1 died), b March

Catherine Fitzjohn Kimm, 33, b Cambridge

Alexander Kimm, 23, engineering farmer for a time at home through ill health, b Norfolk


J S Fitzjohn


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