Capturing Cambridge
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76 Hills Road (3 Dorset Terrace)

History of 76 Hills Road


(3 Dorset Terrace)

Sarah H Gardner, widow, 59, b Liverpool, dividends & interest

Thomas J C Gardner, 23, b Liverpool, student St John’s College

William J Newton, nephew, 10, b at sea

Sarah E M Newton, niece, 8, b Liverpool

Martha Coppeck, servant, 19, b Cheshire


(3 Dorset Terrace)

William G Chater, 54, wool draper employer of 7 men & 12 women, b Saffron Walden

Eliza, 52, b Cambridge

Emma Mary, 25, b Chesterton

Lucy, 24, b Chesterton

Willaim A, 20, undergraduate, b Chesterton

Louisa A, 18, b Chesterton

Edward A, 15, wool draper’s apprentice, b Chesterton

Mary Eliza Kettle, 27, cook, b Bottisham

Eleanor Hurst, 16, housemaid, b Essex


Marion R Linton, 49, widow, b Cambridge, boarding house keeper

Elizabeth M, 15, born Cambridge

Margaret E, 14, b Cambridge

William F, 12, b Cambridge

Ada F, 11, b Cambridge

Frederica Abbott, boarder, 66, b Cambridge

Catharine Abbott, boarder, 57, living on own means, b Cambridge

Ann Constance, boarder, 60, living on own means, b Sutton

Emma Wagstaff, servant, 29, b Gamlingay

Ada Enderby, servant, 16, b Gamlingay


Emily Rowe, widow, living on own means

Else M Rowe, niece, 29,  b Cambridge

Constance E Rowe,

Louise Sterry, servant, 19, b Greenwich, cook

Ada Dennington, 23, b Cambridge, housemaid


Emily Rowe, 80, widow, private means, b Northants.

Constance, 33, niece, b Cambridge

Ada Dennington, 33, housemaid, b Cambs

Kate Page, 31, cook, b Herts




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