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4 - 10 Hills Road 1972 (MoC 42/72)

8 Hills Road (5)

History of 8 Hills Road


(5) uninhabited



Elizabeth A Barber, widow, house property

Emily Ann, house property

Maria Argent Barber, daughter, 25, house property, b Cambridge

Sarah Negus, servant, 23, b Melbourne


(5 Hills Road)

Elizabeth Barber, interest of money and houses

Emily A, interest of money

Victoria Haylock, 27, servant, b Whittlesford


Elizabeth Ann Barber, 80, widow, living on her own means, b Cambridge

Emily Ann, 52, b Cambridge

Frances E Phillips, 24, servant, b London


William H Townsend, 46, college volunteer adjutant, b Cambs

Emily, 47, b Newmarket, b Newmarket

Harold, 16, b Cambridge

Frederick, 13, b Cambridge

Gilbert, 11, b Cambridge

Agnes M, 17, b Cambridge

Eliza Shaw, servant, 16, b Soham


James Smith, 69, retired baker, b Ely

Fanny Smith, 71, b Hants


J Smith


Claude Paul Sibellas, b 1883, chef

Ethel M Sibellas, 1892

Yvonne S M Sibellas, b 1922






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