Capturing Cambridge
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80 Hills Road / 82 Hills Road (1 Eastern Terrace)

History of 80 Hills Road


(1 Eastern Terrace)

Robert Boyce, 59, retired famer & local Wesleyan Preacher, b Norfolk

Jane Bates, 21, servant,  b Norfolk


(1 Eastern Terrace)

Lionel Burrell, 41, medical general practitioner, b Suffolk

Eleanor J, 34, b Norfolk

Eleanor M, 12, b Middlesex

Hanah T Naylor, visitor, 30, b Cambridge

Laura N Naylor, visitor, 22, b Cambridge

Susanne Twinn, servant, 19, cook, b Cambs

Emma Clark, 19, housemaid, b Essex


(82 Hills Road) (1 Eastern Terrace)

Eleanor A Boning, 52, b Cambridge, retired milliner

Louisa M Boning, 49, sister, retired milliner

Agnes Bilton, servant, 20, b Bottisham


Louisa M Boning, single, 60, living on own means, b Cambridge

Elizabeth Ison, servant, 34, b Cambridge


Alice Maud Granger, 43, let appartments, b Great Shelford

Bertha Granger, 47, sister, b Great Shelford

Emily Jane Granger, sister, 41, b Great Shelford

Edward James Granger, brother, 39, waiter, b Great Shelford

Grace Eliza Mason, boarder, 64, retired C E G M S missionary, born Suffolk

William Arnold Granger, nephew, 7, born Chesterton

Lily May Diaper, servant, 17, servant, b Suffolk


Granger, nurse


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