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95 Hills Road, (3 Eastbourne Terrace)

History of 95 Hills Road


Jesse Kemp, 70, commission agent, born Lincs

Anne, 50, born Lincs

Louisa Marsh, 20, born Cambs


Margaret Ibberson, 60, interest of money, born Cambs

Caroline Cropley, sister, 58, income from land, born Cambs

Eliza Anwell, 15, servant, born Little Shelford

Alfred Southwell, boarder, 25, law student, born Norfolk


William Blunt, 34, cook and confectioner, born Whittlesey

Mary A, 37, born Lincs

Claude W, 5, born Cambridge




Albert Livesey Genlloud, 48, civil engineer railway company, born Middlesex

Florence Emmeline, 46, born Middlesex

Frederic Donald, 17, apprentice railway loco worker, born Stapleford

Rita Catherine, 15, born Stapleford

Iva Millicent Mary, 10, born Cherry Hinton

Rita was an artist who published ‘By-ways in Old Cambridge’. By 1914 the family had moved to 1 Fitzwilliam Road.

Rita Genlloud Biography





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