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11 (63) Hills Road, Caius House

History of 11 Hills Road


Albert Bartels, 30


Augusta Hill, visitor, 18

William Ripley, 23, b Leeds

Frank Martindale, boarder, 12,  b Cambs

William Athanas, boarder, 11, b Bucks

Henry Athanas, boarder, 9, b Bucks

Albert Hornby, boarder, 12, b Middlesex

Edward Hornby, boarder, 9, b Middlesex

Hannah Asher, 21, servant, b Warboys

Sarah Harden, 14, servant, b Hunts

1861 (built circa 1860)

(63 Caius House Boarding School)

Albert Bartels, 40, schoolmaster, born Germany

Laura, 31, born Germany

Frances, 9, born Cambridge

Brenst, 7, born Cambridge

Frederick, 6, born Cambridge

Margaret, 4, born Cambridge

Ellen, 3, born Cambridge

Agnes, 1, born Cambridge

Emile Bacot, assistant master, 26, born France

28 boy pupils aged 8 – 18

Emily Smith, 18, housemaid, born Suffolk

Elizabeth Smith, 21, cook, born Suffolk

Susan Smith, 23, housemaid, born Suffolk

Ellen Stubbings, 26, nursemaid, born Cambs

Ann Cuttress, 18, nursemaid, born Haddenham


(63 Hills Road, Caius House Boarding School)

Frederick W Whitehead, 44, curate of Impington and school master, born Manchester

Martha, 45, born Cambridge

John E L, 18, born Cambridge, undergraduate of ?? Coll Cambs

Mary Anne Frances, 13, born Cambridge

Fredrick C M, 12, born Cambridge

Alice Catherine, 9, born Cambridge

Mercia D, 7, born Cambridge

Edith Agnes, 4, born Cambridge

Howard G Gorsuch, assistant, 20, assistant master, born Portsmouth

Susanna King, servant, 34, cook, born Cambs

Sarah Ann Crisp, servant, 30, housemaid, born Cambs

Elizabeth A Arnold, servant, 31, nurse, born Whittlesford

Mary Ann Warren, servant, 18, housemaid, born Essex

Charles Coningsley, servant, 16, gardener, born Melbourn

Pupils listed: 17 boys aged from 10 to 17 from Cambs, Hunts, Essex, Norfolk mainly


(63 Hills Road):

Hugh Bellamy, 35, undergraduate, born Dorset

Ellen H, 32, born Dorset

Arthur V, 7, born Surrey

Ella M, 6, born Surrey

Hilda M, 4, born Surrey

Sarah Page, 13, servant, born Suffolk

Jane Wenham, 13, servant, born Cambridge

Julia E Smith, 36, visitor, born Dorset

Mary Tippett, 35, visitor, ladies maid, born Cornwall

see Mill Road Cemetery entry

Hugh moved from Cambridge in 1883 to become chaplain of the Royal Naval College at Great Yarmouth.


Elizabeth Ingle, 69, living by her own means, born Cambs

Caroline Traylor, servant, 19, born Newmarket


James Catling, 59, auctioneer and estate agent, born Cambridge

Ellen, 60, born Ely

Robert T, 29, auctioneer and estate agent,

Minnis L Cook, 20, housemaid, born Horningsea

Maud Searle, 16, cook, born Cambridge


Robert Thurgood Catling, 39, auctioneer, born Cambridge

Ethel Kate, 32, born Chesterton

Roland James Thurgood, 6 ms, born Cambridge

Clara Sophia Hayhoe, 33, nurse, born Suffolk

Lydia Baker, 21, servant, born Cambs


Robert Thurgood Catling

At the beginning of the 20th century this was the home of the Catling family. In 1901 Robert Thurgood Catling, an auctioneer,  was living at this address with his parents. He married in 1908 and is recorded at Caius House in 1911 and 1913.

He had two sisters, Catherine Ellen (b. 1868) and Ethel Lilian (b. 1881 d.1945). In 1901 both girls are staying with their uncle, Thomas Catling, an editor, in Lambeth. Strangely however, by 1911, both girls are patients at St Andrew’s Hospital for mental Diseases in Northampton, both classified as ‘lunatic’ from the age of 2. The Catling family including Ethel are buried in Mill Road Cemetery.

These postcards were sent to Miss [E] Catling in 1903 and 1904 at Caius House.


Sarah E Martin, b 1914, domestic servant


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