Capturing Cambridge
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Perse School front

Perse School Lodge (66)

History of the Perse School Lodge

Built 1836



(66 Hills Road)

Henry A Woodham

Maria Waters

Susanna Fuller


(66 Hills Road)

Henry Annesley Woodman, 57, doctor of Civil Law writer journalist, born Berkshire [member of Jesus College]

Maria Waters, servant, 63, housekeeper, born Cambs

Susanna Fuller, servant, 35, cook, born Cambs

From 1890 The Perse School Grammar School for Boys was situated to the rear of this property. In 1913 the headmaster was W H D Rouse.


William Coates, widower, 68, school ??, born Norfolk

Mary Johnstone, 56, housekeeper, born Scotland


Edwin James Medland, 45, caretaker of school pensioner R.N., born Portsmouth

Emma, 43, born Isle of Wight

Vera Annabella, 9, born Portsmouth


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