Capturing Cambridge
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Warwick Hotel (35/37/54/38), Hills Road

History of Warwick Hotel


Hervey [?] Preston, 37, merchant, born Cambs

Ann, 30, born Cambs

Clara, 9, born Cambs

Sarah Parry, 20, Ind, born Cambs

Fanny Charles, 15, F S, born Cambs


(38 Hills Road)

Henry Preston, 47, coal and corn agent, born Cambridge

Ann, 44, born Thetford

Clara Mary, 19, born Cambridge

Eliza Matthews, servant, 17, born Sawston


(54 Hills Road)

Ann Preston, 54, proprietress of houses

Mary A, niece, 35, born Cambridge

Martha Willis, 19, servant,


(54 Hills Road)

Ann Preston, 64, house property

Sarah Ann Fordham, 16, servant, born Hadstock

Susan Frances, 57, lodger, landowner, born Cambs

Maria Frances, 53, lodger, landowner, born Cambs


(54 Hills Road)

Ann Preston, lets appartments

Mary Gage, visitor, 63, born Thetford

Sarah Smith, servant, 16, born Stapleford


(37 Hills Road)

Ann Preston, 84, lodging house keeper, born Thetford

Harriet Bryan, niece 62, born Cambridge

Rose Kofford, servant, 21, born Linton

Alex P McAlister, boarder, 20, born Liverpool, occupation unknown


(35 Hills Road)

Charles J Baker, 60, hotel, born Cambridge

Jane, 59 Hotel manageress, born Cambridge

Annie G, 36, assistant hotel manageress, born Cambridge

Harriet L, 33, photographer’s assistant, born Cambridge

Edith M, 22, hotel assistant, born Cambridge

Arthur G, 30, college cook, born Cambridge

Gladys P Shield, gd daughter, 5, born London, born Cambridge

Sarah A Giddings, servant, 18, born Orwell, born Cambridge


(no number – Warwick Hotel)

John Melville Hammond, visitor, 58, gentleman, born South Africa

Charles J Baker, head, fire life insurance agent

Jane Baker, hotel proprietress

Annie Gray Baker, lady

Harriett Louisa Baker, photographer

Edith Mary Baker, lady

Edith Alvis Hodgson, visitor, 60, widow, lady, born Norfolk


Misses Baker, proprietresses

A.C. Hutcherson


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