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Market Hill, St Ives, pre 1932

Market Hill, St Ives

History of Market Hill

Then and Now (David Gent) – Market Hill St Ives showing the pens of the sheep market on the right, This has been the economic centre of St Ives ever since the cattle market moved to this end of town in 1886, it was previously located in the Broadway. Bob Burn-Murdoch’s wonderful book, ‘The Pubs of St Ives’ lists no less than 21 pubs/hotels around Market Hill. Many of these licensed premises were open all day on market day, Monday, long before all day opening became a thing in the rest of the country. Of these 21, only two survive today, the White Hart and the Golden Lion.
The first picture is an undated postcard, however, it shows the Parrot Hotel which closed and was demolished in 1932, so clearly is pre this date. The site of the Parrot was most recently a branch of Barclays Bank, although that has since closed and it is now a vacant building.

Market, St Ives c.1906

Market Hill, St Ives, pre 1932

Second picture taken July this year.

Market Hill, St Ives (photo DG 2022)

Then and Now

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