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Mill Road History

99 Mill Road, Gwydir House, The Bath House

Lots of lovely hot water!

This report investigates the building now popularly known as The Bath House, which stands on the corner of Mill Road and Gwydir Street. Belonging to both streets, the site up to 1913 bore the postal address ‛99 Mill Road’; in 1914 it was redesignated as ‛[unnumbered] Gwydir Street’. The site has been occupied successively by two buildings: Gwydir House to c.1913, and the present building since c.1927.

The present building, formerly providing public baths to the local population, has since 1976 been a community centre. Although not a listed building it is considered to be a ‛building of local interest’ (BLI) and a ‛focal building’ within the Mill Road Conservation Area.

Gwydir House, 1906

Gwydir House, 1906. Site of Bath House. Courtesy of Cambridgeshire Collection, B.MILL.K08 15713

Further information


Circa 1910 one of the occupants of Gwydir House was Miss E Chevill:

Postcard to Miss E Chevill Gwydir House 1910

Aerial photo of Cambridge circa 1910



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