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B.KINGS.K36 37181, Courtesy of the Cambridgeshire Collection

The Mill Road Depot

Wharf, Eagle Foundry, The Limes, Corporation Storeyard and Depot

Read the history of the Mill Road Depot area in the Building Report.

Mill Road Depot

Mill Road Depot Snapshot 2015

A snapshot of the Cambridge City Council’s Mill Road Depot site was put together as part of the Mill Road History Project in order to capture and record the buildings, services and equipment on the site itself as well as the people who work there and the jobs they do both on site and out across the City.

It consists of a series of images, encounters and conversations during the summer of 2015, 110 years after the Depot was opened.

The depot was subsequently closed and redeveloped as a residential area, Ironworks.

In the sections below you can find the photos and interviews recorded on the site and here you can read a summary of the snapshot taken.

Mill Road Depot Snapshot 2015

Elena Moses Photo Galleries

Elena Moses was the main photographer for the snapshot and in the galleries below you can find all the photos she took of the depot as well as being able to listen to, and read, her commentary on them.

Elena Moses Photo Commentary – 11 August 2015. Transcript.

Shelley Lockwood Photo Galleries

Shelley Lockwood performed the interviews you will find below and wrote up the project – in the galleries below you can find her photos.

Other Photo Galleries

These galleries contain other photos and scans collected during the preparation of the snapshot.


You can find here the full interviews conducted as part of the snapshot project as well as walkthroughs of the site by Allan Brigham and Graham Watts.

Godwin Adjayi-Obe Interview
5 August 2015

Mark Arnold Interview
12 August 2015

Donald Blair Interview
12 August 2015

Allan Brigham Interview
4 August 2015

Part 1

Part 2

Paul Jones Interview
12 August 2015

Andrew Keavney Interview
12 August 2015

Ceri Ann Littlechild Interview
5 August 2015

Bob Matthews Interview
5 August 2015

Althea Mejias Interview
6 July 2015

Graham Nicholson Interview
12 August 2015

Simon Payne Interview
12 August 2015

Kevin Roberts Interview
12 August 2015

Andrew Rowlinson Interview
5 August 2015

Graham Watts Interview
17 June 2015

Allan Brigham Site Visit

With Shelley Lockwood and Elena Moses, 21 April 2015.

Part 1

Part 2

Graham Watts and Allan Brigham Site Tour

With Shelley Lockwood, 17 June 2015.




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