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Walter Craske, muffin seller (MoC170/82)

Doric Street

History of Doric Street

For notes on the early development of this area see New Town.

Doric Street (photo Cambridgeshire Collection)

It was Thomas Musgrave who built  Downing Terrace, facing Lensfield Road in 1819. He had acquired land when the area known as New Town was sold off to a variety of developers circa 1807. Behind it, off Saxon Street, Musgrave also built a series of squalid streets of back to back houses, Gothic Street, Doric Street and Terrace Lane. These were removed as slum clearance in the mid 20th century. (Source: Cambridge City Council 2012 – New Town and Glisson Road Area Conservation Appraisal)

On this 1925 map of Cambridge Doric Street would have been the narrow alley to the east of Gothic Street running south from Saxon Street. Terrace Lane would have been the alley to the east of that.

Robert W. Stevenson, born 1916, son of Robert Stevenson of no. 13, later of 115 Mowbray Road, wrote a poem when he was stationed in Ireland with the RAMC in 1943, called CHILDHOOD, In Doric Street – 1920’s.

The poem depicts a wide range of people, some of whom lived in the street such as Mrs Elgar [no.19] and her much prized ferns,  old Mrs Barker [no.4], and others who visited or had shops nearby.


NB for 1841 census birthplace is within Cambridgeshire, unless otherwise stated

(1): James Bright, 30, coachman

Mariann, 25, dressmaker

John, 25, male servant. William, 20, male servant

Mary Ann, 2

Julia, 6 months

(2): John Pink, 35, shoemaker

Martha, 40

Mary Ann, 15

Emma, 15

Edward, 12

Harriet, 10

John, 8

(3): not listed

(4): William Stubbings, 26, groom

Mary Ann, 23, b outside Cambridgeshire

Erica, 5

Mary Ann, 2

(5): John R Wintzell, 35, printer, b outside Cambridgeshire

Ann, 30

Henry Thomas, 8

Ann Witrow, 6

Charles John, 4

Hannah Sarah, 1

Abigail, 3 months

William N Challis, 29, mason, b outside Cambridgeshire

(6): not listed

(7): Thomas How, 40, shoemaker

Harriet, 30

Caroline, 11

William, 9

James, 7

Elizabeth, 5

John, 2

(8): Ephraim Skinner, 19, labourer

Elizabeth, 17

Ann Creane, 18, staymaker

(9): John Ricketts, 45, mason, b outside Cambridgeshire

Ann, 45, b outside Cambridgeshire

Frederick, 22, bootmaker, b outside Cambridgeshire

George, 11

Edward, 3

(10): not listed

(11): Joseph Maltby, 40, shoemaker

Elizabeth, 40

James, 20, shoemaker

Lucy, 10

Joseph, 8

Samuel, 6

Elizabeth, 2

(12) and (13): not listed

(14): Nicholas Waden Perkins, 49, oilman

Mary, 47

Henry, 14, grooms boy

Rebecca, 12

Thomas, 2

Thomas F Stern, 85

(15): James Francis, 25, shoemaker

Sarah, 29

Charles, 4 months

Elizabeth Haggis, 55

William Haggis, 15

(16): Allen Harrison, 68, tailor

Mary, 65

Hannah, 29

(17): not listed

(18): Mary Fuller, 65, charwoman

Charles, 25, carpenter

Mary, 25

Jane, 4

Henry, 2

Ann, 6 weeks

Joshua, 20, labourer

(19): William Westly, 40, labourer

Hannah, 45

Hannah, 15

Benjamin, 12

Anna Maria, 9

Eliza, 7

Harriet, 3

Susan Simons, 20


Doric Street 1851

NB no house numbers are given for this census.  20 households are identified – the same number as in 1861, though one house was unoccupied then.  In 1841 19 houses were identified, though fewer households

Where a household can be found living in the same street in other censuses this is noted.

William Clark, 34, labourer, b Cape of Good Hope

Louisa, 30, b Granchester

Emma, 10, scholar, b Granchester

George, 8, scholar, b Cambridge

Matilda, 4, scholar, b Cambridge

Charles W, 2, scholar, b Cambridge

NB in 1861 this family was at 1 Doric Street


John Pink, 49, shoemaker, b Hauxton

Martha, 55, b Trumpington

Emma, 25, dressmaker, b Cambridge

Edward, 22, compositor, b Cambridge

Harriett, 20, dressmaker, b Cambridge

John, 17, shoemakers apprentice, b Cambridge

NB in 1841 this family was at 2 Doric Street; in 1861 John and Martha were at 4 Doric Street; in 1871, 1881 and 1891 John was still at 4 Doric Street, with a new wife and family (Martha probably died 1863)


James Carter, 37, miller, b Meldreth

Martha, 37, b Meldreth

Elizabeth, 14, b Meldreth

James, 12, b Cambridge

Ann, 8, b Cambridge

George, 6, b Cambridge

John, 4, b Cambridge

Charles, 1, b Cambridge

NB in 1861 Martha, now widowed, was at 3 Doric Street with her children


John Rickett, 60, stonemason, b Lincolnshire

Ann, 60, b Lincolnshire

George, 20, stonemason, b Cambridge

Edward, 14, shoemakers apprentice, b Cambridge

NB in 1841 this family was at 9 Doric Street


Thomas Howe, 50, shoemaker, b Sawston

Harriett, 43, b Cambridge

William, 19, apprentice, b Cambridge

James, 17, tailor, b Cambridge

John, 12, scholar, b Cambridge

Henry, 9, scholar, b Cambridge

Joseph, 6, scholar, b Cambridge

Harriett, 1, b Cambridge

NB in 1841 and 1861 this family was at 7 Doric Street


Elijah Bowen, 34, woodturner, b Soham

Mary, 33, b Cambridge

George, 15, b Cambridge

Elijah, 11, b Cambridge

Rebecca, 10, b Cambridge

Cealyer, 2, b Cambridge (NB birth record suggests should be Celia)

William, 6 months, b Cambridge


William S Tavener, 27, carpenter, b Lincolnshire

Martha, 29, b Huntingdonshire

John, 3, b Lincolnshire,

Ann, 7 months, b Cambridge


Mary Perkins, 60, widow, painters widow, b Cambridge

Henry, 24, painter and glazier, b Cambridge

Thomas, 12, grandson, b Cambridge


James Clark, 29, painter, b Cambridge

Maryann, 31, b Cambridge

James, 4, Cambridge

Elizabeth, 2, b Cambridge

Emma, 7 months, b Cambridge


Frederick Matthews, 37, tailor, b London

Maria, 33, b London

Agusta, 6, b London

Caroline, 4, b London

Maryann, 2, b Cambridge


John P Whitehead, 33, painter, b Cambridge

Emma, 29, b Cambridge

Maryann, 9, b Cambridge

Emma, 7, b Cambridge

John, 5, b Cambridge

James, 3, b Cambridge

NB in 1861 and 1871this family was at 12 Doric Street


Joseph Maltby, 50, shoemaker, b Cambridge

Elizabeth, 52, b Fulbourn

Joseph, 17, b Cambridge

Samuel, 14, b Cambridge

Jane, 12, b Cambridge

Betsy, 9, b Cambridge

NB in 1841 this family was at 11 Doric Street; in 1861 Joseph jnr, now married was at 9 Doric Street


Charles Bell, 36, labourer, b Cambridge

Ann, 47, b Cambridge

Charles, 19, cabinetmaker, b Cambridge


William Robinson, 20, carpenter, b Great Shelford

Jane, 31, laundress, b Cambridge

Ebenezer, 1, b Cambridge

William, 4 months, b Cambridge

William Mansfield, 11, b Cambridge

Thomas Mansfield, 9, b Cambridge

NB these 2 are described as ‘son-in-law’ but are more likely stepsons

NB in 1861 Jane, now widowed, was at 15 Doric Street with children from 2 marriages; in 1871 she was at 13 Doric Street


Mary Harrison, 74, widow, b Dry Drayton

Hannah, 39, nurse, b Cambridge

NB in 1841 this family was at 16 Doric Street


George Gales, 49, gasfitter, b Cambridge

Mary, 51, b Histon

Betsy, 21, b Cambridge


Joseph Clark, 65, labourer, b Essex

Sarah, 58, b Essex

Joseph, 23, labourer, b Essex

Maryann, 20, b Essex

George, 17, labourer, b Essex

NB in 1861 this family was at 14 Doric Street


Thomas Baker, 35, widower, labourer, b Foxton

Samuel, 13, errand boy, b Cambridge

William, 11, scholar, b Cambridge

Hannah, 7, scholar, b Cambridge

Benjamin, 3, scholar, b Cambridge

Susan Simons, 30, housekeeper, b Dry Drayton


John Wilson, 29, labourer, b Trumpington

Emma, 26, b Cambridge

Elizabeth, 11 months, b Cambridge

Ann E Ensby, 23, sister, b Melbourn

Ann Ensby, 22, sister, b Melbourn

Susan Ensby, 13, b Harston

NB probably wife’s sisters, unclear if the second Ann is an error


Charles Fuller, 35, carpenter, b Cambridge

Mary, 40, b Cambridge

Henry, 13, Cambridge

Ann, 11, b Cambridge

Emma, 8, b Cambridge

Charles, 4, b Cambridge

Eliza, 1, b Cambridge

NB in 1841 this family was at 18 Doric Street, with Charles’ mother


(1): William Clark, 45, journeyman tallow chandler, b Cape of Good Hope

Louisa, 43, b Granchester

George, 17, grocers porter, b Cambridge

Matilda, 15, b Cambridge

Charles, 13, grocers errand boy, b Cambridge

June, 11, b Cambridge

Frederick, 9, b Cambridge


(2): Charles Gray, 36, Army pensioner, b Edinburgh

Frances, 32, laundress, b County Tipperary, Ireland

Francis Maryann, 7, scholar, b Gibraltar, British Subject

Helen, 5, scholar, b Edinburgh

George Charles, 2, scholar, b Stirling

William Wilson, 10 months, b Cambridge


(3): Martha Carter, 47, widow, needlewoman, b Meldreth

Ann, 17, b Cambridge

George, 17, servant, b Cambridge

John, 13, servant, b Cambridge

Charles, 10, scholar, b Cambridge


(4): John Pink, 59, cordwainer, b Shelford

Martha, 65, b Trumpington


(5): George Newell, 49, tailor, b Ely

Charlotte, 46, b Trumpington

James, 10, scholar, b Cambridge

Charlotte, 8, scholar, b Cambridge

William, 6, scholar, b Cambridge


(6): John Taverner, 40, printer, b Cambridge

Mary, 43, b Haddenham


|(7):Thomas Howe, 68, shoemaker, b Sawston

Harriett, 55, b Cambridge

James, 26, tailor, b Cambridge

Harriett, 11, scholar, b Cambridge


(8): Joshua Fuller, 43, labourer, b Cambridge

Ann, 39, home domestic, b Trumpington

Alfred, 18, g porter, b Trumpington

Joseph, 14, apprentice shoemaker, b Cambridge

Mary Ann, 6, scholar, b Cambridge

Harriett, 4, scholar, b Cambridge

Jane Louisa, 2, b Cambridge


(9): Joseph Maltby, 27, stonemason, b Cambridge

Amy, 27, b Suffolk

Charles Hagreen, 7 months, b Cambridge


(10): James Lucas Clark, 39, painter and glazier, b Cambridge

Mary Ann, 41, b Cambridge

William James, 14, servant, b Cambridge

Emma, 10, scholar, b Cambridge

Ellen, 8, scholar, b Cambridge

Harriett, 6, scholar, b Cambridge

Flora, 4, scholar, b Cambridge

Lucy Matilda, 1, b Cambridge


(11): Joseph Horatio Smith, 49, hairdresser, b Hull

Frances, 49, b Histon

Joseph Henry, 15, baker, b Cambridge

Annie Marie, 13, servant, b Cambridge

Harriett, 11, scholar, b Cambridge

Susan Frances, 9, scholar, b Cambridge

Caroline, 3, b Cambridge


(12): John Paul Whitehead, 42, painter and glazier, b Cambridge

Emma, 36, b Cambridge

Mary Ann, 19, servant, b Cambridge

John Paul James, 18, servant, b Cambridge

James Alfred, 12, servant, b Cambridge


(13): David Taverner, 23, labourer, b Cambridge

Ann, 24, b Cambridge

William, 2, b Cambridge

Frederick, 1 week, b Cambridge


(13): separate household

Henry Faircloth, 31, labourer, b Cambridge

Sarah, Taverner, 27, housekeeper, b Cambridge


(14): Joseph Clark, 74, labourer, b Essex

Sarah, 68, b Essex

Mary Ann, 31, dressmaker, b Essex

Sarah Cordner, 60, lodger, b London


(15): Jane Raymond Robinson, 42, widow, laundress, b Cambridge

Ebenezer, 10, scholar, b Cambridge

William, 9, scholar, b Cambridge

Mary Ann, 7, scholar, b Cambridge

Frederick, 5, scholar, b Cambridge

William Mansfield, 21, son, labourer, b Cambridge

Thomas Mansfield, 19, son, labourer, b Cambridge

Francis Taverner, 21, lodger, labourer, b Cambridge

Henry Taverner, 32, lodger, labourer, b Cambridge

(16): unoccupied

(17): James Taverner, 68, printer, b Cambridge

Mary Anne, 66, b Chesterton

Mary Anne, 30, b Cambridge

Rachel Adelaide, 14, b Cambridge


(18): henry Faber, 48, porter, b Cambridge

Mary, 48, charwoman, b Cambridge

Robert, 23, porter, b Cambridge

Thomas, 21, porter, b Cambridge

Susan, 16, servant, b Cambridge

Henry, 13, scholar, b Cambridge


(19): Thomas Elborn, 57, labourer, b Shelford

Susan, 54, labourers wife, b Shelford

Sarah, 16, b Cambridge

John, 30, widower, son, labourer, b Shelford

Joseph Alderton, 7, grandson, carpenters son, b Cambridge


(20): James Malpress, 50, hawker, b Boxworth

Sarah, 40, seamstress, b Norfolk


(21): David Chambers, 34, labourer, b Granchester

Sarah, 32, b Trumpington

Herbert, 10, b Granchester

Charles, 9, scholar, b Granchester

Martha, 5, scholar, b Cambridge


(1): William Clark, 51, tallow chandlers assistant, b Cape of Good Hope [South Africa]

Louise.48, mangle woman, b Granchester

Jane, 22, assistant mangle woman, b Granchester

Frederick, 20, gentleman’s page, b Cambridge

Herbert, 4, grandson, scholar, b Cambridge


(2): Charles Webb, 28, grocers porter, b Bottisham

Lydia, 28, b Dry Drayton

Emily, 2, b Dry Drayton

Alice, 1, b Cambridge


(3): James Walters, 52, gardener, b Dorset

Anne maria, 42, b Germany Nasau, naturalised British subject


(4): John Pink, 69, master shoemaker, b Cambridge

Sarah, 39, wife, b Cambridge

Ellen, 6, scholar, b Cambridge

William, 5, scholar, b Cambridge

Harriett, 3, b Cambridge


(5): George Newell, 59, master tailor, b Ely

Charlotte, 56, b Trumpington

William, 14, grocers porter, b Cambridge

Elizabeth, 5, granddaughter, scholar, b Cambridge

John Bradford, 14, boarder, fishmongers porter, b Cambridge


(6): Mary Ann Tavener, 59, widow, supported by parish, b Haddenham

Sarah Starkey, 61, widow, sister, annuitant, b Haddenham

Florence Sarah Walton, 3, niece, b Cambridge


(7): Thomas Howe, 71, widower, journeyman shoemaker, b Sawston

Harriett, 50, general servant domestic out of employment, b Cambridge


(8): Joshua Fuller, 53, journeyman painter, b Cambridge

Ann, 49, painters wife, b Trumpington

Mary Ann, 15, painters daughter, b Cambridge

Jane, 12, scholar, b Cambridge

Eliza, 9, scholar, b Cambridge

Robert Chater, 30, lodger, labourer in coprolite works, b Norfolk


(9): Robert Smith, 26, grocers porter, b Little Eversden

Anne, 27, dressmaker, b Eaton Socon


(10): James Clark, 49, journeyman painter, b Cambridge

Mary Ann, 52, b Cambridge

Flora, 14, scholar, b Cambridge

Kate, 8, scholar, b Cambridge


(11): Joseph Smith, 59, hairdresser, b Hull

Frances, 57, b Histon

Harriett, 20, dressmaker, b Cambridge

Caroline, 13, scholar, b Cambridge


(12): John Whitehead, 52, journeyman painter, b Cambridge

Emma, 48, b Cambridge

James, 23, journeyman painter, b Cambridge


(13): Jane Robinson, 51, widow, laundress, b Cambridge Holy Trinity

William, 29, journeyman carpenter, b Cambridge St Andrew the Less

Mary, 18, domestic servant unemployed, b Cambridge St Andrew the Less

Frederick, 16, bakers boy, b Cambridge, St Andrew the Less

Thomas Mansfield, 29, son, cow keeper, b Cambridge St Andrew the Less


(14): Mary An  Glasscock, 39, widow, dressmaker, b Essex

Charles, 9, scholar, b Cambridge St Andrew the Less

John, 7, scholar, b Cambridge St Andrew the Less

Sarah Corden, 69, supported by parish, b Manchester (NB described as blind)


(15): John Thompson, 26, bricklayers labourer, b Mildenhall

Sarah, 28, b Derbyshire

Ida Maud, 1, b Cambridge

Elizabeth, 4 months, b Cambridge


(16): Stephen Raven, 44, ostler, b Huntingdonshire

Sarah, 44, laundry woman, b West Wratting

Constance, 21, servant home for holiday, b Cambridge

Laura, 12, scholar, b Cambridge

Alice, 10, scholar, b Cambridge

Walter, 15, bakers boy, b Cambridge

Charles Deer, 56, brother-in-law, groom, b West Wratting


(17): James Tavener, 78, printer pressman, b Cambridge

Mary Ann, 71, b Cambridge

Edward Toseland, 39, lodger, labourer in coprolite works, b Godmanchester

Mary Ann Toseland, 39, lodger, wife, b Cambridge


(18): Henry Faben, 60, coal porter, b Cambridge

Mary, 61, b Cambridge

Henry, 20, bricklayers labourer, b Cambridge

Thomas Henry, 6, grandson, scholar, b Cambridge


(19): Susan Elborn, 65, widow, supported by parish, b Little Shelford

Sarah, 24, general servant sleep at home, b Cambridge

Jane, 11, granddaughter, scholar, b Cambridge

Susan Ann, 8 months, b Cambridge


(19): Separate household

John Alderton, 41, journeyman carpenter, b Cambridge

Mary Ann, 41, college servant, b Little Shelford

William, 21, fishmongers porter, b Cambridge

Joseph, 17, butchers man, b Cambridge

Harry, 15, bakers boy, b Cambridge

Robert, 11, scholar, b Cambridge

Thomas, 7, scholar, b Cambridge


(20): John Brookes, 17, under porter at Addenbrookes Hospital, b Cambridge

Emily, 15, nursemaid out of employment, b Cambridge

NB Head of family engaged in hospital.  In 1861 the family was at 10 Gothic Street


(21): William Brookes, 24, bricklayers labourer, b Cambridge St Andrew the Less

Isobel, 20, b Cambridge St Andrew the Less

Sarah, 1 month, b Cambridge St Andrew the Less

Alice Hayward, 2, visitor, b Cambridge St Andrew the Less


(1): Sonia Clark, 64, widow, unable to work, b Grantchester

Herbert, 13, grandson, errand boy, b Cambridge


(2): Lydia Webb, 38, widow, charwoman, b Dry Drayton

Emily, 13, servant, b Dry Drayton

Alice, 11, scholar, b Cambridge

Amelia, 9, scholar, b Cambridge

Samuel, 7, scholar, b Cambridge


(3): Frederick Clarke, 29, labourer, b Cambridge

Alice, 27, b Balsham

Louisa, 7, scholar, b Cambridge

Frederick, 5, scholar, b Cambridge

Kate, 1, b Cambridge


(4): John Pink, 79, shoemaker, b Cambridge

Sarah, 47, b Trumpington

Helen, 16, pupil teacher, b Cambridge

William, 16, warehouse boy, b Cambridge

Harriett, 13, scholar, b Cambridge

Charles, 5, scholar, b Cambridge


(5): George Newell, 69, widower, tailor, b Ely

Lydia Gaylor, 42, widow, daughter, bedmaker, b Cambridge

Jane Gaylor, 10, granddaughter, scholar, b Granchester

Mary Hughes, 68, widow, needlewoman, b Ely


(6): Frederick B Haggis, 36, porter, b Cambridge

Matilda, 37, b Cambridge

Charles P, 4, scholar, b London

Arthur G, 3, scholar, b London


(7): Thomas Elborn, 45, labourer, b Shelford

Mary A, 39, bedmaker, b Trumpington

Catherine, 20, dressmaker, b Cambridge

Florence, 18, servant out of place, b Cambridge

Mary Ann, 15, nil, b Cambridge

Thomas George, 13, errand boy, b Cambridge

Caroline, 11, scholar, b Cambridge

Kizia, 9, scholar, b Cambridge

Emily L, 5, scholar, b Cambridge

William H, 3, b Cambridge

Lillian G, 1, b Cambridge


(8): Joshua Fuller, 63, plumbers labourer, b Cambridge (NB described as married but no wife present)

Eliza, 19, daughter, b Cambridge

Mary A Price, daughter, charwoman, b Cambridge (NB also married but no husband present)

Sarah F Price, 2, granddaughter, b Cambridge

Harriet, 1, granddaughter, b Cambridge


(9): Samuel Free, 28, gardener, b Hadstock

Agnes, 27, b Hildersham

Arthur T, 7, scholar, b Hildersham

Emily A, 5, scholar, b Duxford


(10): James Clark, 59, painter and glazier, b Cambridge

Mary, 61, b Cambridge

Flora, 24, staymaker, b Cambridge


(11): Joseph Smith, 69, hairdresser, b Middlesex

Frances, 69, b Histon

Caroline, 23, machinist, b Cambridge

Lazarus Priest, 32, son-in-law, farmer, b Littlebury

Frances, 29, daughter, farmers wife, b Cambridge

Joseph, 3, grandson, b Littlebury

Florence, 1, granddaughter, b Littlebury


(12): John Webb, 58, undergardener, b Bottisham

Susan, 53, b Histon

William 21, foundry labourer, b Impington

John, 18, farm labourer, b Impington

Smith Webb, 29, son, drayman, b Bottisham

Emily, 30, daughter-in-law, b Cambridge

Eliz A, 3, granddaughter, b Nottingham

William S, 1, grandson, b Nottingham


(13): Amelia Meole, 42, widow, annuitant, b Hertfordshire

Walter, 22, railway porter, b Hertfordshire

Charles, 18, general servant, b Cambridge

Emma, 11, scholar, b Cambridge

Maud, 2, b Cambridge

George Meole, 72, widower, boarder, labourer, b Hertfordshire


(14): Mary A Whitehead, 49, widow, dressmaker, b Essex

Charles J Glasscock, 19, son, under groom, b Cambridge

John J Glasscock, 17, son, grocers porter, b Cambridge

James Phillips, 20, boarder, gardener, b Cambridge


(15): Maria Thompson, 68, widow, b Chippenham, Cambridgeshire

Sarah Jane, 43, servant general domestic, b Mildenhall

George, 23, gardener, b Mildenhall

Ruth Woolley, 30, daughter, b Mildenhall (NB married but husband not present)

George E Woolley, 12, grandson, scholar, b Chelsea

Alfred S Woolley, 9, grandson, scholar, b Marylebone


(16): Sarah Raven, 54, widow, laundress, b West Wratting

Laura Cooke, 2, boarder, b Cambridge


(17): William Peck, 28, coprolite digger, b Bourn

Jane, 23, b Kingston, Cambridgeshire

William, 3, b Cambridge


(18): James Stubbings, 50, coachman, b Kent (NB married but no wife present)

Harriet Ann, 22, daughter, b Kent

Frances, 19, daughter, b Kent

Frederick, 18, son, blacksmith, b Kent


(19): Robert Dearsley, 22, shoemaker, b Cherry Hinton

Mary, 20, b Suffolk


(20): Lucy Brookes, 69, widow, b Cambridge


(21): Walter Craske, 53, labourer, b Cambridge

Elizabeth, 45, charwoman, b Trumpington

Alice, 3, b Cambridge

Albert J, 5 months, b Cambridge

Clara Best, 13, daughter, scholar, b Middlesex

Elizabeth Best, 11, daughter, b Middlesex


(1): Frederick Haggis, 49, coalman, b Cambridge

Matilda, 46, b Cambridge

Charles, 14, errand boy, b London

Frederick, 10, scholar, b London

Horace, 5, scholar, b London

Louisa Gertrude, 4, scholar, b London


(2): William Ashberry, 38, gardener, b Chesterton

Elizabeth Emma, 29, b Cambridge

Ellen Francis, 6, scholar, b Cambridge

William Harry, 4, scholar, b Cambridge

Lillian, 2, b Cambridge

Bertram Reginald, 6 months, b Cambridge


(3): Alice Clark, 37, widow, charwoman, b Balsham

Louisa, 17, housemaid, b Cambridge

Frederick, 15, instrument maker, b Cambridge

Kate, 11, scholar, b Cambridge

William, 9, scholar, b Cambridge

Mahalath, 5, scholar, b Cambridge

Sidney, 3, scholar, b Cambridge


(4): John Pink, 89, pot maker, b Cambridge

Harriet, 57, b Cambridge

Sarah, 23, dressmaker, b Cambridge

Charles, 16, apprentice printer and compositor, b Cambridge

NB on the 1871 and 1881 censuses John’s wife is Sarah, and his daughter Harriet.  Using birth/marriage records it would seem John Pink married Sarah Heffer in 1864 and had a daughter Harriet in 1867/8


(5):Lydia Gaylor, 52, widow, college pensioner, b Cambridge

Jane, 20, b Cambridge

George Bowfell, 21, lodger, railway porter, b Doncaster, Yorkshire


(6): Henry Robert Bradford, 44, furniture porter, b Cambridge

Bertha Ann, 34, b Cambridge

Miranda, F, 4, b Cambridge

Arthur K, 1, b Cambridge

Ellen Maud, 1, b Cambridge

Henry Muggleton, 65, uncle, groom, b Cambridge


(7): George Barker, 27, groom, b Chrishall Grange, Essex

Jane, 39, b Cambridge

Ernest, 7, scholar, b Cambridge

Ellen Jane, 4, scholar, b Cambridge

Edward G, 2, b Cambridge


(8): Ann Fuller, 69, widow, b Shelford

Eliza Fuller, 29, general domestic, b Cambridge

Harriet Stanford, 35, college help, b Cambridge

Margaret Stanford, 9, scholar, b Cambridge

Frederick, 8, scholar, b Cambridge

Henry Edwards, 35, visitor, agent, b Paddington, London


(9): Chamberlain William Peck, 38, general labourer, b Bourn

Jane, 33, b Kingston, Cambridgeshire

William, 13, printers labourer, b Cambridge

Charles, 9, scholar, b Cambridge

Rachel Jane, 7, scholar, b Cambridge

Mabel, 4, scholar, b Cambridge

Caroline Esther, 2, b Cambridge


(10): Mary Ann Clark, 71, widow, b Cambridge

Fiona, 34, staymaker, b Cambridge


(11): Martha Hall, 34, single, living on own means, b Westwick, Cambridgeshire

Ethel, 2, daughter, b Surrey

Elsie Violet, 1, daughter, b Cambridge


(12): Ellen Cooper, 36, single, washerwoman, b Suffolk

George Cooper, 77, father, jobbing gardener, b Suffolk

William Cooper, 11, son, scholar, b Cambridge


(13): William Prime, 64, labourer, b Barton

Sarah, 62, charwoman, b Mepal


(14): Emily Moore, 41, widow, living on own means, b Melbourn

Willie F,  15, shop porter, b Cambridge

Albert Edward, 14, errand boy, b Cambridge

Emily, 12, dressmakers apprentice, b Cambridge

Flora, 9, scholar, b Cambridge

Grace, 7, scholar, b Milton


(15): Susannah Jane Thompson, 52, cook, b Mildenhall

Ruth Wooley, 40, sister, b Mildenhall

George E Wooley, 22, nephew, chimney sweep, b Chelsea London


(16): Sarah Raven, 69, widow, laundress, b West Wratting


(17): Charles Belcham, 41, gardener, b Granchester

Mary, 42, college servant, b Histon


(18): Walter Craske, 63, railway porter, b Cambridge

Elizabeth, 53, college servant, b Trumpington

Alice, 13, general servant, b Cambridge

Albert, 10, scholar, b Cambridge

Charles Smith, 22, lodger, railway porter, b Northamptonshire

The Craskes are living in 39 Coronation Street in 1901.


(19): John Webb, 66, general labourer, b Bottisham

Susan, 61, b Histon

John 28, b Impington

Susannah, 26, b Impington


(20): Jane Elgar, 57, widow, plain needleworker, b Cambridge

Lucy, 16, general servant, b Cambridge

Florence Boyd, 7, visitor, scholar, b London


(21): John Sizer, 44 gardener, b Histon

Harriett, 44, b Cambridge

Ellen Jones, 13, daughter, scholar, b Cambridge

Jessie Jones, 7 daughter, scholar, b Cambridge

Harry Jones, 5, son, scholar, b Cambridge

1901 &1911


No.1 (1901):

Frederick Haggis, 59, drapers porter,

Matilda, 57, b Cambridge

Charles P, 24, grocers warehouseman, b London

Frederick, 19, gardener, b Cambridge

Horace, 15, bakers boy, b Cambridge

Gertrude, 14,

No.1 (1911):

Frederic Burton Haggis, 69, widower, manservant, born Cambridge

Gertrude, 24, daughter, general servant, born Cambridge

(1913): Frederick Haggis, carman

No.2 (1901):

William Ashberry


Harry, 14, house boy, born Cambridge

Lily, 12, born Cambridge


Elsie, 9, born Cambridge

Nellie, 6, born Cambridge

Bessie, 3, born Cambridge

Alice, 11 mos, born Cambridge

No.2 (1911):

William Ashberry, 57, gardener Botanic Gardens, born Chesterton

Elizabeth, 49, born Cambridge

Bertram, 20, book sellers assistant, born Cambridge

Ernest, 16, printers apprentice, born Cambridge

Alice, 10, born Cambridge

(1913) William Ashberry, gardener Botanic Gardens

No.3 (1901)

Louisa Clark, daughter, 27, laundress,  born Cambridge

William, son, 19, railway engine cleaner, born Cambridge

Mahala, 15, servant, born Cambridge

Sidney, 13, butchers boy, born Cambridge

No.3 (1911)

Alice Clark, 57, widow, club assistant (political club), born Balsham

Lousia Clark, 37, daughter, born Cambridge

(1913) Mrs Alice Clark, charwoman

No.4 (1901)

George Petitt, 32, coachman, b Newnham

Annie M, 30, needle work, b Horningsea

George D, 11,  born Cambridge

Eliza M, 7, born Cambridge

Serat [?] H, boy, 6, b Horningsea

No.4 (1911)

Robert Malcolm Barker, 55, fly driver (livery stables), born Great Chesterford

Julia Constance, 52, born Cottenham

Lydia Malcolm, 13, born Scotland

Florence Piddock, step daughter, 15, domestic servant, born Cambridge

(1913) Robert M Barker, cab driver

No.5 (1901)

Frederick Oakman, 34, bricklayer, b Cambridge

Elizabeth, 36, b Fulbourn

Alfred, 12, b Cambridge

Ernest, 10, b Cambridge

Hilda, 7, b Cambridge

May, 5, b Cambridge

Elizabeth, 2, b Cambridge

No.5 (1911)

Frederick Cracknell, 50, farm labourer, born Horseheath

Louisa, 50, born West Wickham

(1913) Alfred Dowe, labourer

No.6 (1901)

Harry Carter, 41, coal Carter, b Grantchester

Alice J, 40, b Grantchester

Emily J, 16, laundress, b Grantchester

Ebenezer, 13, errand boy, b Grantchester

Rose, 11, b Grantchester

Lily, 9, b Grantchester

Florence, 5, b Grantchester

Oliver, 1, b Cambridge

No. 6 (1911)

Alfred Ernest Tibbs, 27, postman GPO, born Wisbech

Eliza Pheobe, 28, born Cambs

Leonard, 2, born Wisbech

Olibe Annie, 1, born Wisbech

Walter John, 2 mos, born Cambridge

(1913) Mrs Cracknell

Eric James Cracknell: Private 20140, 9th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment. Killed in action 21 September 1917. Aged 22. Born 27 September 1895 in Chesterton, Cambs, enlisted Cambridge Son of Mrs. Elizabeth C. Cracknell, of 6, Doric St., Cambridge. In the 1901 census he was aged 5, born Cambridgeshire, resident with his mother, Elizabeth, at 37, Newnham, Cambridge. In the 1911 census he was aged 15, born Cambridge, a College Servant, a boarder at 3 Church Rate Walk Newnham Cambridge. Buried in ST. PATRICK’S CEMETERY, LOOS, Pas de Calais, France. Plot II. Row D. Grave 2. See also Cambridge Guildhall and Cambridge University Press & College Servants (St Paul’s Roll of Honour)

No.7 (1901)

John Hall, 73, “shepherd”, b Balsham

Mahalah, 73, b Fulbourn

Percy, grandson, 18, plumbers labourer, b Norfolk

No.7 (1911)

Alfred Benton, 30, coal porter gas works, born Cambridge

Emily, 35, born Luton

Marjory O’Dell, step daughter, 11, born Cambridge

Tom O’Dell, step son, 7, born Stratford

Roy O’Dell. step son, 3, born Cambridge

Olaf Tregenza, nephew, 9, born Hull

(1913) Mrs Jessop

No.8 (1901)

Henry Wright, painter

Rhoda, cook

Sidney, 16, house boy, b Berks

Albert, house boy,


Leonard, 11,





No.8 (1911)

Henry Wright, 53, house painter, born Cambs

Rhoda, 48, born Berks

Albert Wright, 24, railway porter, born Cambridge

Lilian Wright, 22, housemaid domestic, born Cambridge

Alfred Wright, 19, grocers porter,  born Cambridge

Reginald, 17, houseboy domestic, born Cambridge

Archie, 13, born Cambridge

Ida Wright, 10, born Cambridge

Edward Wright, 9, born Cambridge

Nellie Wright, 7, born Cambridge

(1913) Henry Wright, painter

No. 9 (1901)

Walter W Molt, 47, college kitchen porter, b Oxford

Gilpah, 45, college bedmaker, b London

Gertrude, 18,  b Cambridge

Walter W, 16, boot closers apprentice, b Cambridge

Charles M, 14, college kitchen porter, b Cambridge

Frederick J, 12, b Cambridge

Edith May, 7, b Cambridge

Minnie V, 5,  b Cambridge

Constance, 4, b Cambridge

No.9 (1911)

Alfred Woolley, 40, hotel cook, born London

Esther Woolley, 42, born London

John Rogery, lodger, 39, coal merchant carman, born Cambridge

(1913) Alfred S Woolley, cook

No. 10 (1901)

Flora Clark, 44, stay maker

No.10 (1911)

Flora Clark, 54, single, corset maker ladies outfitting, born Cambridge

(1913) Miss Florence Clarke

No.11 (1901)

Martha Hall, 42, living on her own means

Ethel, 12, b Surrey

Elsie, 10,  b Cambridge

Bertha, 8

Hilda, 6

Alice, 4

William, 2

No.11 (1911)

Martha Hall, 52, widow, born Cambs

Bertha Thrances [?] Hall, 18, dressmaker at shop, born Cambridge

Hilda Margaret Hall, 16, born Cambridge

Alice Gertrude Norman Hall, 14, born Cambridge

William Norman Hall, 12, born Cambridge

(1913) Percy J Chamberlain, lamplighter

No.12 (1901)

Eliza Leach, 33, laundress, b Cambridge

No.12 (1911)

Bertie Jordan, 22, shop assistant, born Gt Shelford

Grace Ethel Jordan, 24, born Essex

Gladys Joyce Jordan, 9 mos, born Cambridge

(1913) Bertie Jordan, shop assistant


No.13 (1901)

William Peck, 48, railway carman, b Cambs

Jane, 43,b Cambs

Charles, 19, goods porter, b Cambridge

Esther, 12, b Cambridge

Francis, 5, b Cambridge

Mary Ann, 3, b Cambridge

No.13 (1911):

William Stevenson, 43, sugar boiler, born Cambridge

Fanny, 45, charwoman, (married 25 years), born Suffolk

Robert, 21, college waiter, born Cambridge

Bert, 19, presser tailor, born Cambridge

Bill, 17, gardener, born Cambridge

Arthur, 13, school, born Cambridge

No. 13 (1913):

William Stevenson

In 1901 the Stevenson family were living at 221 Newmarket Road. According to his son, Robert served in the infantry in WWI but records have been lost.

Pte Arthur Stevenson was killed in action in France on 27.9.1918 aged 19.

No.14 (1901)

Arthur J Ludman, 35, stableman, b cambridge

Eliza, 36, charwoman, b Horningsea

Charles C Nordell, boarder, 50, decorator, b London

No.14 (1911):

Tom Lee, 38, labourer (National Telephone Co.), born Cambridge

Elizabeth, 34, born Cambridge

Lelis, 8, born Cambridge

Elise, 6, born Cambridge

Florence, 4,  born Cambridge

Lillin, 2, born Cambridge

No.14 (1913):

Francis Robert Stevenson, college servant

No. 15 (1901)

Ruth Wolley, widower, 48, cook, b Suffolk

No. 15 (1911):

Thomas Marshall, 53, jobbing gardener, born Cambridge observatory

Harriett, 42, born London

Thomas, 3, born Cambridge

William, 2, born Cambridge

(1913) Thomas Marshall, gardener

Thomas Charles Marshall: Private 326081, 1st Battalion, Cambridgeshire Regiment. Died of wounds 7th March 1918. Aged 20. Born and enlisted Cambridge. Formerly 3024, Cambridgeshire Regiment. Son of Thomas James and Harriet Marshall, 15, Doric St., Cambridge. Buried in FINS NEW BRITISH CEMETERY, SOREL-LE-GRAND, Somme, France. Plot IV. Row C. Grave 21. Also listed on Cambridge Guildhall. (St Paul’s Roll of Honour)

No. 16 (1901)

Susannah Custerson, 54, living on own means, b Norfolk

George, 23, butcher, b Comberton

Frederick, gardener, 18, b Toft

No. 16 (1911)

Charles Mansfield, 22, gardener domestic, born Cambridge

Eliza Mansfield, 24,  born London, born London

(1913) Charles Holmes, engineer

No. 17 (1901)

Esther Ann Bush, 34, charwoman, b London

Harriett Marshall, sister, 34, cook, b London

Thomas C Marshall, nephew, 3, b Cambridge

George A Best, visitor, 12, b London

No. 17 (1911)

Eliza Offer, 65, married, charwoman, born Linton

Arthur Cutter Offer, son, 28, jobbing gardener, born Grantchester

Annie Offer, 16, domestic servant, born Newnham Croft

(1913) Mrs Offer

No. 18 (1901)

Frederick Watson, 33, bricklayer, b Cambridge

Martha, 30, b Cambridge

Frederick, 3, b Cambridge

Edwin, 1, b Cambridge

No. 18 (1911)

Frank Benstead, 24, brewers laborer, born Cambridge

Daisy, 24, born Cambridge

Kate Susan Benstead, 2, born Cambridge

(1913) Bert Scarr, labourer

No.19 (1901)

John Webb, 77, widower, b Bottisham

Susannah, 33, laundress, b Impington

No. 19 (1911)

Sarah Jane Elgar, 75, widow, born Cambridge

Lucy Harriett, 35, single, born Cambridge

Reginald Jack, 12, [grand?]son, school part time houseboy,  born Cambridge

(1913) Mrs S J Elgar, needlewoman

Reginald Jack Elgar: Private G/17368, 16th Battalion, Royal Sussex Regiment. Killed in action 25th September 1918. Aged 20. Born Cambridge, enlisted Bury St Edmund’s. Son of Mrs. L. H. Elgar, of 19, Doric St., Cambridge. Buried in TEMPLEUX-LE-GUERARD BRITISH CEMETERY, Somme, France. Plot II. Row B. Grave 21. See also Cambridge St Mary the Less and Cambridge Guildhall (St Paul’s Roll of Honour)

No. 20 (1901)

Jane Elgar, widower, 65, b Cambridge [living at no. 19 in 1911]

Lucy, 25, charwoman, b Cambridge

Bertie Nelson, grandson, 8, b Cambridge

Reginald Elgar, grandson, 2, b Cambridge

No. 20 (1911)

Frank Smith, 36, farm labourer, born Stapleford

Rebecca, 34, born Cambridge

Jessie, 8, born London

Charles Edward, 4, born Cambridge

Sawen[?], daughter, 15mos, born Cambridge

(1913) Charles Ellis

No.21 (1881)

Walter Craske, 53, labourer, b Cambridge

[This is very likely to have been the same person as the Walter Craske who is  depicted at the Museum of Cambridge. He was a street seller in late Victorian times who sold muffins. At some point he lived in George IV Street. In 1901 he was living at 39 Coronation Street]

Walter Craske, muffin seller

Elizabeth, 45, charwoman, b Trumpington

Clara Best, daughter, 13, b Middlesex

Elizabeth, daughter, 11, b Middlesex

Alice Craske, daughter, 3, b Cambridge

Albert Craske, son, 5 mos, b Cambridge

No. 21 (1901)

John E Rayner, widower, 71, unable to work, b Trumpington

No.21 (1911)

William Unwin, 35, under groundsman cricket ground, born Cambridge

Rachel, 31, born Norwich

William George, 12, born Cambridge

Violet Louisa, 9, born Cambridge

Nora Alice, 7, born Cambridge

Lenord [sic] Arthur, 6, born Cambridge

Mary Peggy, 3, born Cambridge

Emma Daisy, 1, born Cambridge

(1913) William Unwin, gardener


(1): unoccupied

(2): Frank Wright, b 1886, general labourer brickworks

Hilda Wright, b 1880, college servant

Albert F Wright, b 1919, hospital porter

Margate H Wright (Patman), b 1921, tea packer

(3): unoccupied

(4): Julia C Barker, widow, b 1854, pensioner, invalid

Florence Piddock, b 1895, upholstress

(5): Alfred C Dowe, b 1876, labourer

Frances E Dowe, b 1876, no occupation

3 closed records

(6): Frederick F Dockerill, b 1898, night porter

Hilda E Dockerill, b 1897, domestic (unpaid)

Barbara F Dockerill (Daly), b 1922, factory hand

(7): Ada Jessop, b 1874, divorced, unpaid domestic duties

Philip Lovick, b 1920, van driver

1 closed record

(8): unoccupied

(9): Esther Woolley, widow, b 1866, unpaid domestic duties

(10): William Watkins, b 1910, general trained male nurse, and volunteer air raid warder Cambs County Council

Ida M F Watkins, b 1900, unpaid domestic duties

1 closed record

(11): unoccupied

(12): Michael Corcoran, b 1909, commissionaire at New Theatre

Florence L Watkins, b 1914, unpaid domestic duties

Colin Watkins, b 1938, under school age

2 closed records

(13), (14) and (15): all unoccupied

(16): George Munns, widower, b 1869, old age pensioner

Mary E Leavens (Walker), b 1911, daily help

(17): Albert E Hessy, separated, b 1877, labourer

Elizabeth Green, b 1871, unpaid domestic duties

(18): unoccupied

(19): Lucy H Elgar, b 1874, office cleaner

(20): unoccupied

(21): Alexander f Germany, b 1881, caddie Gog Magog Golf Club


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