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Notes Regarding the History of Witchcraft

Museum of Cambridge Research Notes on Witchcraft


Notes_Witchcraft1 ©Moc

Notes_Witchcraft2 ©MoC

Notes_ Witchcraft3 ©MoC

Notes_Witchcraft4 ©MoC

Notes_Witchcraft5 ©MoC

Notes_Witchcraft6 ©MoC

Notes_Witchcraft7 ©MoC

Notes_Witchcraft8 ©MoC

Notes_Witchcraft Caldecote 1769 ©MoC

Notes_Witchcraft Horseheath ©MoC

Notes_Witchcraft ©Horseheath&CastleCamps 1915

Notes_Witchcraft Horseheath ©MoC

Notes_Witchcraft Cambridge 1604 ©MoC

Notes_Witchcraft Cambridge 1619 ©MoC

Notes_Witchcraft Sawston 1577 ©MoC

Notes_Witchcraft Haddenham 1615 ©MoC

Notes_Witchcraft Haddenham 1647 ©MoC

Notes_Witchcraft Haddenham 1647 ©MoC

Notes_Witchcraft Horseheath 1928 ©1928

Notes_Witchcraft Horseheath 18th cent ©MoC

Notes_Witchcraft Wisbech 1630 ©MoC

Notes_Witchcraft Wisbech 1637 ©MoC

Notes_Witchcraft Cambridge 1602 ©MoC

Notes-Witchcraft Cambridge 1645 ©MoC

Notes_Witchcraft Sutton 1647 ©MoC

Notes_Witchcraft Sutton 1647 ©MoC

Notes_Witchcraft Orwell 1880 ©MoC

Notes_Witchcraft Stretham 1647 ©MoC

Notes_Witchcraft Ely 1850 ©MoC

Notes_Witchcraft Longstanton 1659 ©MoC

Notes_Witchcraft Longstanton 1677 ©MoC

Notes_Witchcraft Linton 1678 ©MoC

Notes_Witchcraft Burwell 1800 @MoC

Notes_Witchcraft Bottisham 1903 @MoC

Notes_Witchcraft Brandon Creek 1830 ©MoC

Notes_Witchcraft Brandon Creek 1830 ©MoC





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