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Edgar Douglas Adrian

St Chad’s, 48 Grange Road

History of St Chad's


Red Cross Hospital



Edgar Douglas Adrian, b 1889, university professor 1932 Nobel Prize winner

Hester A, b 1899, (WVS)

Richard, b 1927

Juliet E Spinney, b 1914, private secretary

Elizabeth Wheal, b 1894, cook

Lily Sargent, b 1905, parlourmaid



Ronald J F Tye, b 1930

After completing a medical degree in 1915, Edgar Adrian did clinical work at St Bartholomew’s Hospital London during World War I, treating soldiers with nerve damage and nervous disorders such as shell shock. Adrian returned to Cambridge as a lecturer and in 1925 began research on the human sensory organs by electrical methods.


In 1981 the site was development by St Catherine’s College.


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