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The Granta Hotel, Newnham Road

14 Newnham Road, Granta Hotel / Inn

History of the Granta Hotel Newnham Road

The inn and adjoining brewery opened in 1865.

1869: Samuel Jarvis Custance(Post Office Directory)

1879: Charles Martin Page (Kellys)


Charles M Page, brewer & publican, 37
Fanny H Page, wife, 44

1883: Charles Martin Page  (Kellys)

1888: Mrs Fanny H Page (Kellys)

1892: William Plummer (Kellys )

1896: John W Pamplian (Kellys)

1904: William Morris (Kellys)

1913: William Tabraham (Spalding)

1916: William Tabraham (Kellys)

1962: (14) Granta Inn



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