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St Mary's Convent feature

St Mary’s Convent / St Mary’s School

History of St Mary's School

Pevsner notes in Cambridgeshire:

Two Early Victorian villas, joined up in 1929 and 1953-64, the latter by David Roberts. To the street, an addition of 1962-4 in yellow brick and slate, in a curious rhythm of verticals and horizontals, but not with a disorderly result.

There is a Wikipedia article about the school.

Hugh Benson, curate at the Catholic church, was chaplain to the nuns of St Mary 1905-8. According to ‘Catholics in Cambridge’ ed.N Rogers p.158, one of his greatest joys was to write and direct mystery plays and little dramatic scenes for the children, most notably among these A Mystery Play in honour of the nativity of Our Lord, first staged in 1907 and published the following year.



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