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20, Brooklands Villa, Brooklands Avenue

History of 20 Brooklands Avenue


(Brookland Villa)

Charles E Deeks, landed proprietor


Martha Rowell, daughter in law, 19, b Hunts

Mary Cooke, servant, 21, b Norfolk


(1 Brookland Villas)

Charles E Deeks, 54, retired farmer, born Suffolk

Jane Deeks, 56, born Cambs

Asenath Ellis, 23, servant, born Melbourne


Mary Litle, 43, widow, annuitant, born Middlesex

William B S Litle, 21, undergraduate of Christ’s Coll., born Gloucs.

Edward R D Litle, 19, undergraduate of Pembroke Coll., born Sussex

Olive Neaves, 23, cook, born Barton

Alice Carter, 23, housemaid, born Cambridge


Christopher Geldard, 33, teacher of mathematics, born Yorks

Janet S, 27, born London

Alice E Keffard, 20, housemaid, born Pampisford

Rose E Buckle, 24, cook, born Suffolk

Christopher Geldard went to Giggleswick School and then Trinity College. He lived in Cambridge before being appointed an inspector of science schools in Birmingham. He died in 1897. There is information about the family on the Mill Road cemetery site. the family moved from Brooklands Avenue to Birmingham after Christopher’s appointment. They had six children:

Christopher (1884-1939): during WWI he served with the Royal Horse Artillery and was promoted to major. He was awarded the Military Cross. He continued serving with the army after the war.

John (1885-1918): He was a captain in the 2nd Royal Marines. he died 20.8.1918 from influenza at the Burlington Hotel, London. He joined the Royal Marines as an trainee officer in 1904 and in 1908 he joined HMS Majestic. There is a detailed biography available here.

Humphrey (1887-87)

Stuart (1889-1959)

Joan (1892-1967)

Stephen (1896-1940): during WWI he served as 2nd lieutenant with the South Wales Borderers. He was awarded the Military Cross in 1917.


(a second family is listed living at Brooklands Villa in 1891)

John R Geard, 30, stock broker, born Suffolk

Amelia E, 25, born Kensington

Julia Kemp, servant, 20, born Suffolk


William Tomlin, 64, bookseller, born Chesterton

Frances A


Kate L Wright

Herbert R Tomlin

Caroline Mingay, servant, 57,


Frances Anne Tomlin, 70, widow, private means, born London

Minnie Tomlin, daughter, 45, widow, born Cambridge

Kate Louise Wright, daughter, 43, single, born Cambridge

Herbert Russell Tomlin, grandson, 20, reporter, born Cambridge

Fanny Tomlin, sister in law, 61, single, lodging house keeper, born Cambridge

Caroline Mingay, servant, 66, non (retired), born Suffolk

Elsie Bates, servant, 22, born Bucks


Mrs William Tomlin

H Russell Tomlin, journalist

Frances Ann Tomlin is buried in Mill Road Cemetery


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