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23, Brooklands House (Avenue House), Brooklands Avenue (Avenue Road)

History of 23 Brooklands House


(Avenue House)

Thomas Hodson Archer Hind, 56, magistrate landowner, born Northumberland

Marianne, 55, born Godmanchester

Richard Dacre, 21, student Camb Univ., born Northumberland

Marian Alice Mary, 19, annuitant, born Northumberland

Frances Elizabeth Huntley, sister in law, 48, unmarried, annuitant, born Hunts

Louisa Huntley, sister in law, 44, unmarried, annuitant, born Hunts

Emma Parr, servant, 21, cook, born Cambridge

Edward Page, servant, 19, born Cambs

Eliza Ann Carrington, servant, 17, housemaid, born Histon


John C Jonas


Mary M

Ethel M

Leslie, 1, born Cambridge

Elizabeth B Jones, servant, 28, governess, born Cheshire

isabella Tuxford, 25, servant, cook, born Cambridge

Elizabeth Cates, 20, servant, housemaid, born Cambs

Emma Bell, 28, nursemaid, born Essex


John Carter Jonas, 59, land agent and auctioneer, born Essex

Louisa, 49, born Babraham

Harry M, 24, surveyor and auctioneer, born Cambridge

Mary M, 23, born Cambridge

Lewis C, 22, surveyor’s clerk, born Cambridge

Ethel M, 20, born Cambridge

Charlotte Green, 20, servant, cook, born Suffolk

Francis E Cornell, servant, housemaid, 19, born Cambridge

Alice M Miller, 19, housemaid, born Cambridge

Julia J Pierson, 30, kitchenmaid, born Cambs


Frederick Hutchinson, 33, living on own means, born Ireland

Georgina, 33, born India

Aurora, 6, born Cambridge

Sarah Hill, 41, parlourmaid, born Norfolk

Mary Hunt, 38, nurse, born Oxford

Alice Peters, 17, cook, born Trumpington

8/7/1905: Mr Hutchinson of Brooklands Avenue attached a pair of natural wings to a swinging balance and actuated them by means of an electric motor in the way in which a bird’s wings move. Encouraged by the experiments he constructed a larger machine with wings of 60 feet square, the power being supplied by a petrol cycle engine. The results are encouraging but no actual attempt at unrestrained flight has been attempted due to the probability of an unpremeditated decent. Were it to be exhibited at the Mammoth Show what a ‘draw’ it would be. (Cambridge Press)


Marcus Dennis Bradford, hotel owner

Alfred Royal Bradford: Lieutenant, 1/1st Cambridgeshire Regiment. Killed in action when shell hit Battalion H.Q. on 14th October 1916. Aged 22. Educated at Hunstanton Prep School and Bedford Grammar School, joined the school O.T.C. Commissioned 12th May 1915 into 2/1st Battalion, Cambridgeshire Regiment. Transferred to ‘B’ Company, 1/1st Battalion on 22nd July 1915. At the time of death he was battalion intelligence officer. Son of Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Bradford, Brooklands House, Brooklands Road, Cambridge and University Arms. Buried in Lonsdale Cemetery, Authuille, Plot IX. Row A. Grave 5. Perse School, Cambridge Guildhall and Cambridge St Andrew the Great (St Paul’s Roll of Honour)

See Mill Royal Cemetery entry


This was the HQ of RAF 74 Wing, responsible for calibrating the East Coast radar stations.


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