Capturing Cambridge
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4, Kingsdene, Brooklands Avenue

History of 4 Brooklands Avenue


Charles A King, 40, solicitor’s clerk, born Cambridge

Selina P, wife, 36, born Cambridge

Louie, daughter, 13, born Cambridge

Ethel B, daughter, 9, born Cambridge

Charles E, son, 4, born Cambridge

Elizabeth A C Mynott, servant, 15, born Pampisford


John S King

Louie G Brander, cousin, 33, born India

Harriet S Moir, sister in law, born Herts

Susannah Smith, servant, cook, born Essex

Mary J Andrews, 17, housemaid, born Herts


John Samuel King, 53, costumier, born Wilts

Louie Gowenlock, 43, born India

Janet Lewis, 1, born Cambridge

Hannah Maud Sillitoe, servant, 20, born Trumpington

Nellie Louisa Murkin, 19, servant, nurse, born Cambridge


John S King


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