Capturing Cambridge
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5 Brookside

5 Brookside

History of 5 Brookside


Charles Cardale Babington

Charles Cardale Babington, 62, professor of botany, b Shropshire

Anna Maria, 34, b Wales

Sarah Elizabeth Bennett, 33, cook, b Cambridge

Mary Ann Bennett, 28, housemaid, b Cambridge

Ellen Phebe White, 23, parlourmaid, b Bath

The curator of the Botanic gardens had introduced the Canadian water-weed to the waterway alongside the gardens in 1848. ┬áThis eventually spread into Vicar’s Brook and thence into the River Cam where it became a nuisance in the Fens at large. This was a source of great interest to Babington.







Anna Maria Babington,

Mary Ann Bennett, parlourmaid

Charlotte M Birch, cook

Lily J M Philips, 24, housemaid, b Hunts



Anna Maria Babington, 74, widow, independent means, b Wales

Mary Ann Bennett, 68, housekeeper, b Cambridge

Charlotte Micheley Birch, housemaid, 55, b Norfolk

Hannah Reed, 38, cook, b Cambs



Stephen Perse Foundation Pre-Prep School



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