Capturing Cambridge
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8 Brookside

8 Brookside, 8 Trumpington Road

History of 8 Brookside





Matthew Moncrieff Pattinson-Muir, fellow of Caius College and lecturer in Chemistry, 52, b Scotland

M M Pattinson Muir book

Florence, 52, b London

Susan Hinders, 30, cook, b Comberton

Charlotte Reynolds, 27, housemaid,  b Cambridge



Henry William Marett Tims, 48, university lecturer in science, b India. [In 1915 he was appointed a temporary captain in the RAMC and ended the war as a lieutenant colonel. His obituary can be found in this link.)

Alice Maud Mary Marett, 47, b Scotland

Ronald Douglas Marett Tims, 20, medical undergraduate, b London

Nellie Mabel Webb, 21, cook, b Cambs

Rose Lily Larkins, 16, housemaid, b Gamlingay


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