Capturing Cambridge
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70 (27) Norwich Street

History of 70 Norwich Street



Joseph Crozier, 45, baker

Mary Ann, 48,

Julia, 16,

Agnes, 13,




Richard Brazer, servant, 16, baker, b Gt Wilbraham

Henry Walter Moore, lodger, 19, telegraphist, b Suffolk



Joseph Crozier, 54, baker, b Cambs

Mary A, 59, b Cambs

Eliza J, 26, milliner, b Newmarket

Agnes, 23, milliner, b Newmarket

Horace, 20, clerk, b March

Henrietta, 17, b March

Bertha, 15, b Cambridge

James Whitehead, servant, 19, bakery, b Waterbeach



Mary A Crozier, widow, 69, grocer and baker, b Suffolk

Eliza F, 36, dressmaker, b Cambs

Agnes B, 33, grocer’s assistant, b Cambs

Henrietta M, 27, school mistress, b Norfolk

Bertha H, 24, dressmaker, b Cambridge

Harold Gray, 17, lodger, carver’s apprentice, b Cambs

Arthur Rogers, servant, 21, foreman baker, b Cambs



Julia Crozier, 41, grocer baker,

Agnes, 39,

Albert Hart, boarder, confectioner,

Hannah Sterling, servant, 16, b Newmarker



Julia Crozier, 50, grocer, b Newmarket

Agnes, 48, sister, grocer,  b Newmarket

Albert Hart, boarder, 36, manager, b Herts

Agnes Salter, servant, 16, b Thetford


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