Capturing Cambridge
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62 (23) Norwich Street

History of 62 Norwich Street



William Gadsby, 27, coachman, b Fen Drayton

Eleanor, 28, b Upwell

John, 2, b Cambridge

Eleanor, 1, b Cambridge

John, 24, brother, groom, b Fen Drayton



William Allen, 37, carriage and wagon examiner, b Ely

Elizabeth A, 26, b Norfolk

Annie E, 12, b Cambridge

Florence M, 11, b Cambridge

Frederick W, 8, b Cambridge

Sidney J, 3, b Cambridge

James Softly, father in law, 63, carpenter, b Norfolk

Elizabeth Softly, mother in law, 67, b Norfolk



Joseph Freshwater, 53, groom, b Melbourne

Edward, 30, waiter, b Melbourne

Clara, 18, b Cambridge



Charles P Millard, 48, carpenter and joiner,

Mary I, 51, b Yorks

Catherine M, 24, dressmaker, b Yorks

James E Jenkins, foster son, 6, b Cambridge

Frederick Starns, boarder, insurance traveller, 50, b Middlesex

Walter Seyer, boarder, wood carver, 21, b London


Albert Cousins, 30, florists’s assistant for florists and seedsman, b Berks

Ethel Jane, 27, b Harston

Sylvia Cecilia Elizabeth, 2, b Cambridge

Mary Constance, 5 months, b Cambridge


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