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Queen (Queen’s) Street

History of Queen Street

Queen Street is a lost road that originally ran between Prince’s Street (also lost) and George IV Street. It was parallel to both Union Road and Coronation Street. The housing was dense so the individual households are all listed here:


Hannah W Chanter, widow, 58, laundress, b Cambridge

James, 24, printer, b Cambridge

Sarah J, 26, mantlemaker, b Cambridge

Harry H Barton, grandson, 13, b Cambridge

Alice Chanter, granddaughter, 6, b Cambridge

In 1871 the Chanter family are  living at 3 Covent Garden.

In 1891 the Chanters are at 7 Argyle Street


1 Queen Street:

Henry Cole, 56, plasterer

Charlotte, 54, b Ely

Mary, 21, dressmaker, b Cambridge

Leonard, 19, plasterer,  b Cambridge

Louis, 15, van boy,  b Cambridge

Bernard, grandson, 8,  b Cambridge

2 Queen Street:

Annie Headland, widow, 67, householder, b Newmarket

Helen, 41, parlourmaid,  b Cambridge

Martha N, 33, mantle maker, b Cambridge

Samuel Newbold, boarder, 34, self[?] maker stone, b Leics

3 Queen Street:

Caroline Sykes, 39, dressmaker, b Lincs

4 Queen Street:

David Benton, 36, plasterer,  b Cambridge

Elizabeth, 32, b Wimpole

Mable, 14, b Cambridge

Bertram, 12, b Cambridge

Ernest, 8, b Cambridge

Sidney, 4, b Cambridge

5 Queen Street:

Wallace William Winkworth, 20, bricklayer,  b Cambridge

Emily, 21, b Cambridge

Grace, 8 mos, b Cambridge

6 Queen Street:

George Lockwood, 60, painter, b Cambridge

Rebecca, 58, b Norfolk

Phebe, 26, day worker, b Cambridge

Edith, 23, day worker, b Cambridge

Charlotte, 21, dressmaker, b Cambridge

7 Queen Street:

Harry Huckle, 35, brewers drayman, b Stapleford

Sarah, 35, b Herts

Chris Thomas, 14, errand boy,  b Cambridge

Lily Jane, 11, b Cambridge

Elizabeth, 9, b Cambridge

Jesse, 7, b Cambridge

Violet, 5, b Cambridge

Alice, 3, b Cambridge

Rose, 1, b Cambridge

8 Queen Street:

Peter Brown, 80, carpenter, b Norfolk

Ruth, 44, laundress, b Cambridge

Eliza, 42, cook,  b Cambridge

Alice, 25, day maid, b Cambridge

Horace, 16, carman,  b Cambridge

Florence, 9, b Cambridge

10 Queen Street:

Rebecca Coleman, widower, 54, b Shelford

Thomas R, 30, club college servant,  b Cambridge

Arthur Ernest, 20, groom coachman, b Cambridge

Charles L, 14, errand boy, b Cambridge

John Woods, boarder, widower, 54, labourer, b East Harling

11 Queen Street:

Harry R Cole, 24, plasterer,  b Cambridge

Rose Ann, 27,  b Cambridge

12 Queen Street:

Ernest Peters, 28, bricklayer,  b Cambridge

Nellie, 28, b Cambridge

Arthur, 10, b Cambridge

Ernest, 5, b Cambridge

Lilian, 1, b Cambridge

13 Queen Street:

Sarah Prime, widow, 65, charwoman, b Cambs

Florrie, 22, b Cambridge

Maud, 20, b Cambridge

14 Queen Street:

Josiah Jeckell, 48, fitters assistant railway, b Norfolk

Mary Ann, 37, b Cambridge

Henrietta, 9, b Cambridge

Robert Joseph, 6, b Cambridge

Henry Reeves, boarder, 49, labourer, b Essex

15 Queen Street:

William D Woods, 38, mail cart driver, b Herts

Daisy, 36, b Herts

Edith May, 8, b Herts

William James, 6, b Herts

Herbert Henry, 4, b Herts

Florence Mary, 16, b Herts

Florence Carter, visitor, 23, b Herts

16 Queen Street:

Amelia Emily Mole, widow, 64, laundress, b Herts

Bertha, 17, laundress, b Cambridge

Maud M, 22, laundress, b Cambridge

17 Queen Street:

Sarah Jane Spicer, 50, housekeeper, b Cambridge

Charles R Spicer, brother, 47, b Cambridge

18 Queen Street:

Frederick J Foster, 38, house decorator, b Cambridge

Ellen Clara, 39, b Leics

Florence R, 13,  b Cambridge

Thirza Ann, 11, b Cambridge

19 Queen Street:

James William Shaw, 33, confectioner, b Cambridge

Thomas Basil, grand son, 19, van porter, b London

20 Queen Street:

Samuel Day, 62, waiter, b Essex

Mary E, 49, b London

Samuel, 27, postman, b Yorks

Annie, 24, dressmaker,  b Cambridge

Charles, 19, coal porter, b Cambridge

William, 17, railway drayman, b Cambridge

Harry, 16, gardeners lad, b Cambridge

Frederick, 12, b Cambridge

Edith, 7, b Cambridge

1 Queens Court:

Albert Noakes, 31, painter and labourer, b Cambridge

Rebecca, 33, needle woman, b Foxton

Albert Edward, 7,   b Cambridge

Harold, 1, b Cambridge

Janet Grace, 6 mos, b Cambridge

2 Queens Court:

William Dean, 51, painter, b Cambridge

Elizabeth, 44, b Lincs

Albert, 11, b Lincs

21 Queen Street:

Mary Ann Davy, 70, dressmaker, b Sawston

Sarah Elizabeth Hatchman, niece, 28, b London

George Hatchman,  nephew, 28, sawyer, b Cambridge

George Hatchman, 7, b Cambridge

Mary Hatchman, 5, b Cambridge

Jessie Hatchman, 2, b Cambridge


1 Queen Street:

Thomas Barrett, 70, bicycle repairer, b Sussex

Harriet, 49, laundry, b Sussex

3 Queen Street:

Caroline Sykes, 48, dressmaker, b Lincoln

5 Queen Street:

William John Chambers, 30, carman, b Hunts

Rose May, 26, b Trumpington

Philip Charles, 4,  b Cambridge

7 Queen Street:

Harry Huckle, 45, stationery engine driver The Leys, b Stapleford

Sarah Jane, 45, laundry, b Herts

Jesse, 18, bioscope operator Hawkins and Franks, b Cambridge [bioscope was a name for an early type of film projector]

Alice, 13, b Cambridge

Rosie, 11, b Cambridge

Daisy, 9, b Cambridge

Charles, 6, b Cambridge

Muriel Ivy, 2, b Cambridge

9 Queen Street:

James Holmes, 39, labourer, b Hunts

Clear [Clare?], 33, b Hunts

11 Queen Street:

Harry James Barton, 43, compositor, b Cambridge

Mary Margaret, 43, b Germany

Harry Frederick, 19, Sawyer at firewood works, b Cambridge

Margaret Mary, 14, day girl, b Cambridge

13 Queen Street:

Walter Sadler, 43, groom, b Coton

Emily, 38, b Girton

Walter W, 15, errand boy poulterers, b Coiton

Herbert C, 12, b Barton

Ivy A, 10, b Barton

Gladys E, 3, b Cambridge

15 Queen Street:

Arthur C Green, 27, general porter dairy, b Cambridge

E Green, 29, b Sawston

Arthur W, 6, b Cambridge

Stanley E, 4, b Cambridge

Harry C, 2, b Cambridge

Dora, 5 mos, b Cambridge

17 Queen Street:

Wallace W Winkworth, bricklayer, b Cambridge

Emily, 32, b Cambridge

Grace, 10, b Cambridge

George, 9, b Cambridge

Thomas, 8, b Cambridge

19 Queen Street:

Earnest Curwain, 31, barman, b Cambridge

Nellie, 30, b Cambridge

May J, 10, b Cambridge

Earnest J, 8, b Cambridge

Winifred N, 7, b Cambridge

Ivy G, 4, b Cambridge

Connie D, 2, b Cambridge

Arthur 1, b Cambridge

21 Queen Street:

Luke Haycock, 27, GER horse shunter, b Cambridge

Ada, 28, b Linton

Cyril, 3, b Cambridge

Stanley, 1, b Cambridge

20 Queen Street:

Henry John Thurbon, 54, paper hanger house decorator, b Cambridge

Harriet, 53, b Cambridge

Arthur, 24, house painter, b Cambridge

George, 22, bricklayer, b Cambridge

William, 20, corn chandler’s labourer, b Cambridge

Albert, 17, errand boy cycle maker, b Cambridge

Alfred, 15, errand boy picture frame maker, b Cambridge

Lilly, 13, b Cambridge

Ethel Pierson, visitor, 27, b Cambridge

Stanley Pierson, visitor, 2, b Cambridge

18 Queen Street:

George Benton, 51, carman furnisher, b Cambridge

Emily, 50, b Swaffham Prior

Arthur, 27, carman GER, b Cambridge

George, 24, labourer, b Cambridge

Charles, 21, carman, b Cambridge

Bob, 19. stock man, b Cambridge

Albert, 16, errand boy grocer, b Cambridge

Harry, 9, b Cambridge

David, 6, b Cambridge

16 Queen Street:

Sidney Robert Stevens, 22, hotel porter, b Swaffham Bulbeck

Louisa Rose, 20, b Exning

14 Queen Street:

Charles Henry Rye, 24, college cook and confectioner, b Surrey

Kitty, 23, shop tailoress, b Sheffield

Majorie, 7 mos, b Sheffield

12 Queen Street:

Charles Hogger, 31, blacksmith, b India

Ellen, 29, b Trumpington

Alice, 6, b Cambridge

Percy, 2, b Cambridge

10 Queen Street:

Charles Robert Quince, 33, drayman GER, b Wisbech

Harriet Eliza, 33, b Cambridge

Ethel Alice, 10, b Cambridge

Charles Hester, 7, b Cambridge

Irene Rebbeca, 5, b Cambridge

Almerie[?] Coleman Quince, son, 5 mos, b Cambridge

8 Queen Street:

Ruth Brown, 57, widow, laundry woman, b Cambridge

Peter, 33, labourer, b Cambridge

Florence, 19, servant, b Cambridge

Eliza, 55, sister, charwoman, b London

6 Queen Street:

George Lockwood, 72, house painter, b Cambridge

Rebecca, 68, caretaker church institute, b Cambridge

Edith, 33, employed at home, b Cambridge

4 Queen Street: [4 rooms]

Arthur King, 49, carman, b Cambridge

Elizabeth, 44, b Cambridge

Dorothy, 21, domestic, b Cambridge

Ellen, 19, domestic, b Cambridge

Sidney, 16, baker,  b Cambridge

Beatrice, 13, b Cambridge

Lilian, 11, b Cambridge

Walter, 8, b Cambridge

Ernest, 4, b Cambridge

2 Queen Street:

Charles Kirkup, 32, packer of fancy goods draper and furnishers, b Cambridge

Clara, 30, b Cambridge

Doris, 7, b Cambridge

Violet, 4, b Cambridge

Jack Clee, visitor, 43, brewers drayman, b Cambridge

Emma Clee, visitor, 46, b Cambridge

1 Queen Court:

Harold Charles Henry Clark, 28, labourer, b Cambridge

Clara Elizabeth, 28, b Cottenham

Clara Grace Mildred, 4, b Cambridge

Frank Charles Benjamin, 2, Cambridge

2 Queens Passage [Queens Court]:

John Holmes, wood dealer, 48, b Sundon

Elizabeth, 40, b Cambs

Harold, 16, sailor, b Earith

Hilda, 10, b Earith

Enid, 4, b Cambridge

Winnie, 2, b Cambridge

Mable, 17, b Earith

Albert, 15, b Earith

1913: (Queen Street)

North Side (Princes Street to George IV Street)

1 Thomas Barrett, tinman

3 Miss C Sykes

5 Richard Gray, labourer

7 Walter Barnes, carman

9 G Peck

11 J Woods

13 Harry Lanham

15 G Franklin

17 W W Winkworth, bricklayer

19 J Holmes, labourer

21 William John Chambers, labourer

South Side (George IV Street to Princes Street)

20 F T Foster, plumber and painter, verger of S Paul’s Church

18 George Benton, horsekeeper

Queens Court 1 James Cubberley

Queens Court 2 John Holmes, wood cutter (The Holmes family moved by the end of WWI to 22 George IV Street)

16 H Clark, boot and shoe repairer

14 J Guttridge

12 Charles Hoggers, gardener, Trinity College

10 Mrs Darnell

8 Miss Brown

6 Mrs Lockwood

4 Arthur King, carman

2 Charles Kirkup, packer

Albert Frederick Holmes: Corporal, 8971, 7th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment. Killed in action 21st March 1916. Aged 19. Born Earith, Cambs, enlisted Bury St. Edmunds. Son of John and Elizabeth Holmes, 22, George IV Street, New Town, Cambridge. Buried in Vermelles British Cemetery, Plot II. Row L. Grave 13. See also Cambridge Guildhall (St Paul’s Roll of Honour)

Arthur Aylett, sergeant 2nd Battalion Suffolk Regiment. Died of wounds 10.6.1916. Child James Arthur Aylett.

Buried Histon Road Cemetery.

Widow remarried 4.10.1917 Arthur Hardy (stationers assistant).

28/10/1960 Over 100 houses and shops, a Church Institute and a public house in an area near the Roman Catholic Church, Hills Road, may be compulsorily purchased by the City Council. Properties in Coronation Street, King George IV Street, Union Road, Bentinck Street, Princess Street and Queen’s Street have reached the end of their useful life and were unfit for human habitation. Slates were off the roof, they had rising damp and woodworm. But shopkeepers protested and one owner said she was very attached to the house and it would be a great hardship to leave. (Cam. Press)

1962: (Queen’s Street)

North Side (Princes Street to George IV Street)

1 Leonard Coase

3 Mrs D Edgeley

5 Mrs A M E Burman

7 Mrs B Barnes

9 Mrs Peck

11 –

13 Leonard Day

15 Ernest A Farrow

17 Oswald L G Springett

19 Frederick Wilson

South Side (George IV Street to Princes Street)

20 Eugeniusz Kolodziej

18 Robin R S Smith

16 –

14 Percy Mason

12 William M Rogers

10 Teodor Poberzny



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