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Terrace Lane

History of Terrace Lane

For notes on the early development of this area see New Town.


Terrace Lane 1841

NB for 1841 census birthplace is within Cambridgeshire, unless otherwise stated

(1): John Coulson, 30, bricklayer

Mary, 30

Benjamin, 4

Benjamin Harris, 58, labourer

(2): James Thornhill, 49, carpenter

Jessy, 45

Jessy, 15

James, 12

Elizabeth, 9

Susan, 6

(3): Thomas Coley, 22, law writer

Ann, 25

(4): Alsey Missen, 50, female servant

(5): Joseph Troughton, 31, occupation illegible, born outside Cambridgeshire

Kezia, 32, born outside Cambridgeshire

Samuel, 4

(6): William Coxall, 23, tailor

Mary Ann, 23

George, 2

Emma Susannah, 4 months

(7): William Robinson, 25, sawyer, born outside Cambridgeshire

Mary, 23

Mary, 4

Druseilla, 5 months

(8): Robert Hunt, 50, carpenter

James, 15, bookbinders assistant

Charles, 13

John, 11

(9 and 10): nothing recorded

(11): William Baker, 30, carpenter

Mary, 23, born outside Cambridgeshire

Harriet, 2

(12): Thomas Elbourne, 37, labourer

Susan, 35

Mary Ann, 13

Eliza, 12

John, 19

William, 8

Thomas, 6

David, 5 months

Catherine, 5 months

(13): Sarah Hutt, 38, charwoman

Edward, 15, errand boy

(14): nothing recorded

(15): Charles Foster, 30, sexton

Thirza, 30, born outside Cambridgeshire

Frederick, 5

(16): John Johnson, 35, bricklayer

Ann, 35

Robert, 5

David, 6

(17): Joseph Clark, 50, labourer, born outside Cambridgeshire

Sarah, 47, born outside Cambridgeshire

Joseph, 13, born outside Cambridgeshire

Mary Ann, 11, born outside Cambridgeshire

George, 8, born outside Cambridgeshire

(18): Charles Chapman, 27, carpenter

Ann, 35

Louizea, 5

Ann, 4

Mary Ann, 9 months

(19): William Wing, 35, gardener, born outside Cambridgeshire

Sarah, 30

Sarah Ann, 3

Joseph, 2

Samuel, 6 months

(Separate household at this address): Catherine Ayrton, 68, independent, born outside Cambridgeshire


NB no house numbers are given for this census, and only 16 households can be identified, although house numbers up to 19 are found on 1841 and 1861 and later censuses.

Where a household can be found living in the same street in other censuses this is noted.

Thomas Hills, 34, ostler, b Royston

Mary, 29, b Hertfordshire

James, 2, scholar, b Cambridge

Mary, 11 months, b Cambridge

Jessy Thornhill, 55, widow, dressmaker, b Cambridge

Jessy, 25, b Cambridge

James, 21, apprentice carpenter, b Cambridge

Elizabeth, 19, b Cambridge

Susan, 16, b Cambridge

NB members of this family were living at 2 Terrace Lane in 1841, 1871 and 1881

Charles Carter, 30, painter and glazier, b Landbeach

Eliza, 22, b Cambridge

James B, 7, scholar, b Cambridge

NB in 1861 and 1871 this family was at 9 Terrace Lane

Joseph Fuller, 51, widower, confectioner and fruiterer, b Cambridge

James Goffin, 12, servant, b Cambridge

John Sisk, 66, tallow chandler, b Suffolk

Alice, 59, b Cambridge

Harry, 25, clerk, b Cambridge

Robert Hunt, 65, carpenter and joiner, b Cambridge

Ann, 58, b Cambridge

John, 20, labourer, b Cambridge

NB in 1841 and 1861 members of this family were at 8 Terrace Lane

William Robinson, 35, sawyer, b Essex (NB listed as ‘married’ but no wife present)

Mary, 14, scholar, b Cambridge

Drusilla, 10, scholar, b Cambridge

Ann, 6, scholar, b Cambridge

Elizabeth, 2, b Cambridge

NB in 1841 this family were at 7 Terrace Lane

Robert Sparrow, 47, shoemaker, b Norfolk

Mary, 36, b Cambridge

Frederick, 9, b Cambridge

Jane Lupson, 22, sister, dressmaker, b Cambridge

John Hayward, 30, painter, b Essex

Mary, 28, b Essex

Susan, 10, b Bassingbourn

Hannah, 8, b Essex

John, 4, b Cambridge

Simeon, 2, b Cambridge

Maria, 1 month, b Cambridge

Thomas Elbourn, 47, labourer, b Little Shelford

Susan, 44, b Little Shelford

John, 20, labourer, b Little Shelford

William, 18, labourer, b Little Shelford

Thomas, 16, labourer, b Little Shelford

Catherine, 10, scholar, b Cambridge

Sarah, 5, b Cambridge

NB members of this family were at 12 Terrace Lane in 1841, and at 13 Terrace lane in 1861 and 1871

Richard Darnell, 29, labourer, b Caxton

Jane E, 27, b Cambridge

Harry, 6, b Cambridge

Richard W, 5, b Cambridge

Susan, 1, b Cambridge

Henry Skinner, 64, father-in-law, labourer, b Cambridge

Susan Skinner, 52, mother-in-law, b Great Chesterford

Susan, 17, sister-in-law, servant, b Cambridge

Emily, 10, sister-in-law, scholar, b Cambridge

James French, 24, farm labourer, b Cambridge

Mary, 20, b Northamptonshire

Catherine, 2 months, b Cambridge

Thomas K Gray, 33, baker, b Cambridge

Rebecca, 33, b Cambridge

Elizabeth, 8, scholar, b Cambridge

Samuel H, 7, scholar, b Cambridge

Harriett M, 5, b Cambridge

Mary Ann, 3, b Cambridge

Elizabeth Garabee, 78, widow, washerwoman, b Somersham

John, 34, brewers labourer, b Essex

Benjamin, 24, gardener, b Essex

George, 20, labourer, b Essex

William Carder, 30, lodger, labourer, b London

Mary Carter, 50, widow, college servant, b London

John B, 23, miller, b Cambridge

Phoebe, 21, b Cambridge

James, 16, errand boy, b Cambridge

Frederick, 12, scholar, b Cambridge

Susan Smith, 21, visitor, dressmaker, b Cambridge

William Wing, 50, gardener, b Mildenhall

Sarah, 40,, b Cambridge

Sarah A, 13, b Cambridge

Elizabeth S, 8, b Cambridge

Joseph J, 12, b Cambridge

Samuel, 10, b Cambride

Robert, 5, b Cambridge

David W, 4, b Cambridge

James, 1, b Cambridge

NB this family were at 19 Terrace Lane in 1841, 1861 and 1871


NB no record of properties 1-7, a page may be missing as schedule numbers jump from 32 to 47

(8): Robert Hunt, 75, widower, carpenter and joiner, b Cambridge

(9): Charles Carter, 48, painter and glazier, b Landbeach

Eliza, 41, painters wife, b Cambridge

James, 17, painter, b Cambridge

(10): George Thompson Barley, 32, omnibus conductor, b Chesterton

Sarah Ann, 33, house domestic affairs, b Gloucestershire

James, 9, scholar, b Cambridge

Robert, 1, b Cambridge

(11): unoccupied

(12): George Bailey, 24, labourer, b Cottenham

Emma, 26, b Cambridge

Elizabeth Clark, 66, widow, visitor, b Cherry Hinton

(13): Thomas Elbourne, 26, labourer, b Shelford

Mary Ann, 20, labourers wife, b Trumpington

Ann, 2, b Cambridge

Catherine, 8 months, b Cambridge

(14): Mary Ann Howell, 51, widow, retired, b Lincolnshire

(15): William Clark, 36, labourer, b Cambridge

Harriett, 32, labourers wife, b Cambridge

Bertha Selina, 11 months, b Cambridge

(16): William Cooper, 73, general labourer, b Great Shelford

Sarah, 63, labourers wife, b Thriplow

William, 22, hostler, b Cambridge

(17): George Fink, 24, housekeeper to R Gillam, b Little Wilbraham

Eliza, 25, b Cambridge

NB there is a Richard Gillam, chimney sweeper at 1 Saxon Street, which is the adjacent street

(18): John Scott, 49, groom, b Hauxton

Catherine, 48, b Stapleford

Harriett, 12, scholar, b Cambridge

Eliza, 10, scholar, b Cambridge

(19): William Wing, 60, gardener, b Mildenhall

Sarah, 49, gardeners wife, b Kingston, Cambridgeshire

Robert, 16, errand boy, b Cambridge

David, 14, errand boy, b Cambridge

James, 11, scholar, b Cambridge


(1): George Rickett, 41, railway signalman, b Cambridge

Emma, 40, signalman’s wife, b Ickleton

Charles, 19, railway porter, b Cambridge

Elizabeth, 15, housemaid, sleeps at home, b Cambridge

Arthur, 10, scholar, b Cambridge

Emma, 9, scholar, b Cambridge

George, 6, scholar, b Cambridge

Alice, 4, scholar, b Cambridge

Louise, 4 months, b Cambridge

(2): Jessie Thornhill, 40, dressmaker, b Cambridge

(3): William Hurlow, 36, painter (master), b Haddenham

Hannah, 37, painters wife, b Prickwillow

William, 9, scholar, b Cambridge

Hannah Marah, 1, b Cambridge

George Bullock, 45, straw hat maker, b Biggleswade, Bedfordshire

(4): James Kirkup, 28, upholsterer master, b Cambridge

Sarah, 26, upholsterers wife, b West Wratting

William, 5, scholar, b Cambridge

Louisa, 8 months, b Cambridge

Alias, 66, widow, mother, supported by head of family, b Ireland

(5): Betsy Webb, 32, widow, shirtmaker, b Six Mile Bottom

William, 7, scholar, b Cambridge

Ellen, 5, scholar, b Cambridge

Arthur, 3, scholar, b Cambridge

Anna, 1, b Cambridge

Anna Risely, 33, widow, lodger, college bedmakers assistant, b Cambridge

Henry Thomas Risely, 7, lodger, scholar, b Cambridge

Albert Edward Risely, 5, lodger, scholar, b Cambridge

(6): Thomas Hames, 24, stonemason journeyman, b Cambridge

Emily Jane, 21, b Granchester

Emily Harriett, 3 months, b Cambridge

Bertha Selina Clarke, 10, sister-in-law, scholar, b Cambridge

(7): William Hunt, 40, slater journeyman, b Cambridge

Elizabeth, 46, b London

Charlotte Gray, 20, step-daughter, stay maker, b Cambridge

(8): Julia Deeks, 20, deserted by husband, tailoress, b Clare, Suffolk

Ada, 3, b Burt St Edmunds

Beatrice, 3, b Cambridge

Martha, 2 months, b Cambridge

(9): Charles Carter, 50, painter master, b Landbeach

Eliza, 50, college bedmaker, b Cambridge

James Bennett, 27, son, warehouseman in printing works, b Cambridge

Mary Ann, 28, daughter-in-law, b Cambridge

(10): William Allen, 30, railway engine driver, b Cambridge

Emma, 30, b Cambridge

William Robert Charles, 6, scholar, b Cambridge

Arthur, 2, b Cambridge

(11): Charlotte Maria, Dant, 22, supported by husband, b Bottisham

Charles, Harry, Dant, 2, b Cambridge

NB husbands whereabouts given but illegible

(12): Thomas Haigh, 36, journeyman tailor, b Cambridge

Faithfull, 33, b Gillingham, Kent

Thomas, 11, scholar, b Chatham, Kent

Mary, 10, scholar, b Chatham, Kent

Emma, 8, scholar, b Chatham, Kent

Catherine, 5, scholar, b Chatham, Kent

Harry, 4, scholar, b Gillingham, Kent

Frank, 2, b Chatham, Kent

John, 3 weeks, b Cambridge

(13): Thomas Elbourn, 35, coal porter, b Little Shelford

Mary Ann, 29, collage servant, b Trumpington

Ann, 12, scholar, b Cambridge

Cate, 10, scholar, b Cambridge

Florence, 8, scholar, b Cambridge

Mary Ann, 5, scholar, b Cambridge

Thomas, 3, scholar, b Cambridge

Caroline, 1, b Cambridge

(14): James Peters, 43, farm labourer, b Trunpington

Hannah, 33, b Coton

Frederick, 7, scholar, b Cambridge

James, 5, scholar, b Cambridge

(15): Mary Ann Muggleton, 76, widow, supported by son, b Stansted

Henry Muggleton, 47, labourer in corporate works, b Cambridge

Bertha Ann  Golding, 12, granddaughter, scholar, b Granchester

(16): David Smart, 31, journeyman woodturner, b Cambridge

Sarah Ann, 29, b Great Swaffham

Eliza Ann, 4, scholar, b Newmarket

Ellen Louisa, 5 months, b Cambridge

(17):  John Hayles, 33, scavengers labourer, b St Ives

Jane, 21, college bedmakers helper, b Fen Drayton

Frederick, 8, brother, scholar, b St Ives

(18): John Scott, 57, fly man, b Harston

Catherine, 55, college bedmaker, b Stapleford

Eliza, 20, shirt maker, b Cambridge

Edwin Arthur, 6, grandson, scholar, b Cambridge

(19): William Wing, 70, gardener journeyman, b Mildenhall

Sarah, 60, college bedmaker, b Kingston, Cambridgeshire

Sarah Ann, 30, dressmaker, b Cambridge

James, 21, clerk in college kitchen, b Cambridge


(1): Emma Rickett, 57, widow, b Ickleton

Arthur G, 19, railway goods porter, b Cambridge

George, 15, gentleman’s servant, b Cambridge

Alice, 13, scholar, b Cambridge

Louisa, 10, scholar, b Cambridge

Martha L, 6, scholar, b Cambridge

(2): Jessy Thornhill, 55, occupier, dressmaker, b Cambridge

Annie Stephens, 17, boarder, domestic servant unemployed, b Chesterton

(3): William Thurlow, 44, widower, agent, b Haddenham

Hannah M, 11, scholar, b Cambridge

Annie Eliza, 8, scholar, b Cambridge

James R, 6, scholar, b Cambridge

(4): Selina Read, 24, wife, painter and glaziers wife, b Cambridge

Archibald J W, 4, b Brixton, London

Lilian A, 2, b Brixton

John Taylor, 22, lodger, glazier and painter, b Haddenham

Agnes Taylor, 21, b Cambridge

Millicent Taylor, 1, b Cambridge

NB Selina described as wife but no husband present

(5): Edward Cooper, 40, gardener, b Little Shelford

Martha H, 41, gardeners wife, b Cambridge

Ellen, 11, scholar, b Cambridge

Selina, 8, scholar, b Cambridge

Edith, 5, scholar, b Cambridge

(6): William Smith, 26, dairyman’s assistant, b Suffolk

Elizabeth, 25, b Great Chesterford

Edward R, 3, b Cambridge

(7): William Hunt, 49, slater, b Cambridge

Elizabeth, 55, b London

(8): William Elbourne, 48, widower, railway coke man, b Shelford

Eliza, 22, b Cambridge

Alfred, 16, soap factory assistant, b Cambridge

George, 13, scholar, b Cambridge

Thomas, 11, scholar, b Cambridge

Jane, 9, scholar, b Cambridge

Amy, 7, scholar, b Cambridge

Susan, 3, b Cambridge

Mary, 3, granddaughter, b Cambridge

Sarah Satchwith, 36, boarder, vegetable cook at college, b Cambridge

Jane Satchwith, 3, boarders daughter, b Cambridge

(9): Charles Garden, 61, painter, b Landbeach

Eliza, 62, painters wife, b Cambridge

(10): William Allen, 39, railway engine driver, b Cambridge

Emma, 38, b Cambridge

William R E, 16, grocers assistant, b Cambridge

Arthur, 12, scholar, b Cambridge

Herbert A, 8, scholar, b Cambridge

Horace C, 5, b Cambridge

Frederick A, 2, b Cambridge

(11): William Rigarsford, 33, fireman an railway engine, b Lambeth

Mary, 29, b Cambridge

Kate, 8, scholar, b Chelsea

William, 2, b Cambridge

(12): Harry Alderton, 26, bricklayers labourer, b Cambridge

Emma, 27, bedmakers assistant, b Bourne

Harry, 3, scholar, b Cambridge

Walter J, 1, b Cambridge

(13): Mary Harrison, 73, widow, occupier, formerly nurse, b Bottisham

(14): James Peters, 53, labourer, b Trumpington

Hannah, 41, b Coton

Frederick W, 16, printer, b Cambridge

James E, 11, scholar, b Cambridge

Ernest A, 8, scholar, b Cambridge

Harry, 2, b Cambridge

George, 1, b Cambridge

(15): Mary Muggleton, 82, widow, formerly cook, b Stansted

Harry, 55, labourer, b Cambridge

Bertha Golding, 22, granddaughter, b Granchester

(16): Fanny Apthorpe, 48, widow, laundress, b Newnham

(17): Mary King, 66, occupier, charwoman, b Bedfordshire

(18): Charles Barker, 32, college servant, b Cambridge

Harriet, 32, college servant, b Cambridge

Charles, 7, scholar, b Cambridge

John Scott, 69, widower, father, b Hauxton

Annie Cambridge, 14, servant, general domestic servant, b Cambridge

(19): Sarah Mason, 43, widow, occupier, dressmaker, b Hemingford

Marie Goodwin, 37.sister, cook, b St Ives

Minnie Goodwin, 3 months, niece, b Cambridge

Henry J Wallis, 22, boarder, gardener, b Thriplow


(1): Emma Rickett, 66, widow, laundress, b Ickleton

William C E Rickett, 15, grandson, railway clerk, b Cambridge

(2): Daniel Charles, 74, pensioner, b Cambridge

Hannah, 73, b Cambridge

Arthur, 43, painter, b Cambridge

(3): Herbert James Clark, 33, carman, b Cambridge

Harriet M, 24, b Cambridge

(4): George Walter Ransom, 30, printer machinist, b Cambridge

Alice Matilda, b Cambridge, (no age given)

Arthur Walter, 1, b Cambridge

(5): George Theodore Crook, 33, gardener, b Gamlingay

Emma, 34, b Huntingdonshire

Laura, 7, b Huntingdonshire

Herbert, 5, scholar, b Swaffham Bulbeck

Lizzie Sewell, 20, boarder, general servant, b Huntingdonshire

Annie B Sewell, 2months, b Cambridge

(6): John Ebouren Raynor, 61, labourer, b Trumpington

Susan, 59, b Trumpington

William John Taylor, 41, lodger, carpenter, b Norfolk

(7): Elizabeth Hunt, 61, widow, shopkeeper, b London

Maude Alice Gates, 17, lodger, milliner, b Cambridge

(8): Charles Mole, 27, railway servant, b Granchester

Eliza Sarah, 32, b Cambridge

Ellen, 5, scholar, b Cambridge

Walter Charles, 3, scholar, b Cambridge

Sarah Satchworth, 42, lodger, college servant, b Cambridge

Mary Ann Elbourn, 13, b Cambridge

(9): George Willis, 27, journeyman baker, b Bedfordshire

Sarah, 24, b Cambridge

Ethel S, 4, b Luton

George Henry, 2, b Luton

Edith Sarah, 1 month, b Cambridge

(10): George Elbourn, 23, baker, b Cambridge

Alice, 23, b Orwell

(11): William Elbourn, 58, widower, railway servant, b Little Shelford

Sarah Ann, 27, housekeeper, b Cambridge

Thomas, 20, plumber, b Cambridge

Susan, 13, scholar, b Cambridge

Julia Smith, 24, visitor, dressmaker, b Cambridge

(No 1 Providence Cottages): Jane Polendine, 52, wife, b Cornwall (no husband present, but it is likely he is away in the army)

Henry, 17, baker, b Cyprus

Alfred, 12, scholar, b Bermuda

(No 2 Providence Cottages): Arthur Halls, 38, college servant, b Suffolk

Ann, 35, b Hampshire

Elizabeth, 5, b Hertfordshire

Alexander, 4, b Hertfordshire

Edith May Dockwell, 12, servant, general servant, b Shelford

Susannah Halls, 62, visitor, b Suffolk

(14): Josiah Rawlinson, 54, upholsterers porter, b Pampisford

Ellen, 35, b Dry Drayton

James, 26, drapers porter, b Trumpington

Elizabeth, 24, dressmaker, b Trumpington

William, 21, drapers porter, b Cambridge

(15): William Wells, 30, gardener, b Littleport

Sarah, 34, b Little Eversden

Agnes, 9, scholar, b Waterbeach

William, 8, scholar, b Cambridge

Frances, 5, scholar, b Cambridge


1 Emma Rickett

Emma J, laundress

2 William Surrey, waiter

Elizabeth, 51, b Waterbeach

John B, 17, stationers shop assistant, b Cambridge

3: Charles J Capon, 25, club waiter, b London

Edith M, 23, b Cambridge

William G, 1, b Cambridge

Grace E, 4 mos, b Cambridge

4: Edwin Cook, 24, college servant,

Louisa, 24,

Edith, 3,

Grace, 11 mos,

William, 47, father, widower, warehouseman packer,

Sidney Gawthorp, 24, cook, visitor,

5: Frederick Keely, 45, cab driver, b Norfolk

Emily, 35,  b Dullingham

6: Martha Glasscock, 62, dressmaker, b Cambridge

Sarah Wallis, boarder, 51, housekeeper, b Brighton

7: George W Kitson, 26, cabinet maker, b Cambridge

Sarah M, 24, b Cambridge

Lily L, 6, b Cambridge

Dorothy E, 4, b Cambridge

Elise May, 2, b Cambridge

William G, 9 mos, b Cambridge

8: Patrick J Hannen, 35, hawker and pedlar, b Cambridge

Betsy, 34, b Lancs

Patrick E, 6, b Wales

Annie E, 3, b Cambridge

John, 1, b Cambridge

9: Janet McMaster, 75, living on own means, b Scotland

10 Charles Mole, railway porter


Walter C

Sarah Satchworth, lodger, 53, college servant, b Cambridge

Percy H Elborn, grandson

11 Henry A Bradford, 53, painter, b Cambridge

Bertha, 42, b Cambridge

Herbert N, 9, b Cambridge

Percy H, 7, b Cambridge

Florence M, 14, b Cambridge

Ellen Maud, 11, b Cambridge

12 George Willis, widower, 38, baker, b Beds

George H, 12, b Cambridge

Edith, 10,  b Cambridge

Amy G, 7, b Cambridge

Herbert, 5, b Cambridge

Agnes May, 2, b Cambridge

Florence, 6 mos, b Cambridge

Alice Simpkins, aunt, 30, housekeeper, b Cambridge

Percival Simpkins, nephew, 4, b Cambridge

13 Henry Polendine, 62, hospital porter, b Cambs

Jane, 63, b Cornwall

Alfred, 21, railway parcels porter, b Cyprus

14 Josiah Rowlinson, 64, gardener, b Pampisford


William, 31, drapers porter, b Cambridge

Herbert Marshall, visitor, 33, gardener, b Trumpington

Elizabeth Marshall, visitor, 33, dress maker, b Trumpington

15 William P Wells, 40, gardener, b Littleport

Sarah, 44, b Cambs

Agnes M A, 19, b Waterbeach

William J, 18, railway engine cleaner, b Cambridge

Frances C, 14, b Cambridge

George Parcel, boarder, 25, baker, b Cambridge


1 Emma Rickett, 86, widow, b Ickleton

Emma Jane, 47,  b Cambridge

2 William Surrey, 67, college carver [waiter], b Childerditch

3: Susan Parfey, 76, widow, b Cambridge

Elsie Ashberry, 19, b Cambridge

Bessie Ashberry, 18, b Cambridge

4: Victor Fredrick Ostler, 33, house decorator, b London

Myria Ostler, 37, b Suffolk

Fredrick Charles, 2, b Cambridge

Dorothy Hilda, 8 mos, b Cambridge

5: James Maurice Sayer, 25, kitchen porter college, b Chesterton

Lily May Sayer, 29, b Newmarket

6: Charles Haggis, 33, grocers warehouseman, b London

Gertrude, 32, b Suffolk

Frederick Papworth, boarder, 48, fish merchant, b Cambridge

7: Harry Minter, 40, jobbing gardner, b Essex

Alice, 41, charwoman, b Cambs

Harry, 14, house boy, b New Cross London

Henry Harry Minter: [Spelt MINTOR on memorial] Private, 325449, 1st/1st Battalion, Cambridgeshire Regiment. Killed in action 31st March 1918. Aged 21. Formerly 1971, Cambridgeshire Regiment. Born New Cross, Kent, enlisted Cambridge. Employed as a warehouseman by the Cambridge University Press. Son of Mr. H. and Mrs. A. Minter. Commemorated on Pozieres Memorial, Panels 84/85. See also Cambridge University Press and Cambridge Guildhall. (St Paul’s Roll of Honour)

8: Thomas Willis, 76, retired coal miner, b Durham

Rebecca Hobbs, servant, 58, housekeeper, b Cambridge

9: George Stokes, 26, brewers labourer, b Cambridge

Annie, 26, b Essex

George Edward, 2, b Cambridge

10 Charles Mole, 48, engine cleaners foreman GER, b Grantchester

Eliza Sarah Mole, 53, b Cambridge

Walter Charles Mole,   23, engine fitter Norman cement co., b Cambridge

Percy Howcraft Elbourn, adopted, 11, b Cambridge

11 Mrs B Johnson, 48, college bedmakers help, b Lincs

Earnest Harvey, son. 20, oil man traveller, b Cambridge

Ellen Harvey, daughter, 15, servant, b Cambridge

12 William Henry Cook, 54, labourer cycle makers, b Cambridge

Elizabeth, 43, b Cambridge

13 Richard Aves, 34, farm labourer, b West Row Suffolk

Caroline Louisa, 35, b Girton

Winifred Maray, 7, b Cambridge

Herbert Frederick Seldrick, 23, lodger, brewer labourer, b Cambridge

Richard Aves: Private TF203346, 1st Battalion, Duke of Cambridge’s Own (Middlesex Regiment). Killed in action 17th April 1918. Born West Row, Suffolk, enlisted Bury St Edmund’s, resident Cambridge. No known grave. Commemorated on TYNE COT MEMORIAL, Zonnebeke, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium. Panel 113 to 115. See also Cambridge Guildhall (St Paul’s Roll of Honour)

14 William Rowlinson, 41, drapers porter, b Cambridge

Fanny, 47, b Oakington

Ellen Rowlinson, mother, 77, widow, b Dry Drayton

15 Emily Derby, 39, widow, dressmaker, b Aldershot

Vera, 16, servant, b London

Winnifred, 14, servant, b London

Pearl, 12, b Cambridge

William Hogger, brother, 28, showing blacksmith, b Cambridge


West Side

  1. Mrs Emma Rickett, laudress
  2. Mrs Parfey
  3. Harry Hardy, plumber’s mate
  4. Charles Henry Rye, cook
  5. James Maurice Sayer, college porter
  6. Charles Haggis, labourer
  7. Harry Minter, gardener
  8. Thomas Willis
  9. Henry Theaker, shop assistant
  10. Charles Mole, labourer
  11. Charles Arles

East Side

Providence Cottages

12. William Cook, cycle cleaner

13. Richard Aves, farm labourer

14. Josiah Rawlinson, porter

15, Henry Robert Bradford


Pte R Stubbings, reported to have died of wounds in Mesopotamia


  1. Elizabeth Rickett, Emma Jane Rickett

2. Henry Maurice Rockett, Edith May Rockett

3. Jack Elborn, Constance Elborn

4. Charles Thurlow,  Alice Thurlow

5. Eliza Sarah Moule

6. Arthur Clark, Annie Clark

7. Harry George Minter, Alice Eliza Minter

8. Alfred Shipp

9. Charles Percy Thomas Haggis, Emily Gertrude Haggis

10. Edith R Gaunt, George Gaunt

11. Esther Blatch, Thomas Blatch, Betram Blatch

12. William Henry Cook, Elizabeth Cook

William Henry Cook was a shepherd and a cowman in Longstowe Cambs in 1911. After WWII he lived in Wisbech. It seems very probable that he was the father of Walter Cook, a private in the Cambridgeshire Regiment who fought at the Battle of Singapore, was captured by the Japanese and died 4.6.1943, cause of death unknown at ‘206 Kilo’, Thailand.

13. Caroline Louisa Aves

14. William Rowlinson, Fanny Rowlinson

15. Bertha Bradford, Percy Henry Bradford


(1): unoccupied

(2): unoccupied

(3): Charles W Webb, b 1918, window cleaner

(4): Charles F Thurlow, b 1864, retired

Alice Thurlow, b 1875, housewife

Ronald C Thurlow, b 1911, cycle repairer

(5): Charles Mole, widower, b 1863, gatekeeper locomotive department, LNER retired

Dorothea Mole (Gentle), b 1913, silk spotter finisher, dry cleaning

(6): unoccupied

(7): William J Peacock, b 1916, postman

Ellen E Peacock, b 1914, unpaid domestic duties

Leslie F Bailey, b 1914, incapacitated

(8): Samuel Askam, b 1911, hospital porter

Florence V E Askam, b 1915, unpaid domestic duties

1 closed record

(9): unoccupied

(10): Laura E French, b 1912, unpaid domestic duties

Adelaide M Roberts, b 1916, unpaid domestic duties

2 closed records

NB both ladies described as married, but no husbands listed

(11): Margaret Jones, widow, b 1892, college servant

Margaret Juniper, widow, b 1866, unpaid domestic duties

1 closed record

(12): William H Cook, b 1855, retired packer

Elizabeth Cook, b 1869, household duties

Mary A Payne, b 1876, housekeeper

(13): Rose O Gibbs, widow, b 1887, charwoman

Rose E Gibbs, b 1914, cook

Ethel G Gibbs (Hart), b 1920, counterhand

(14): William Rawlinson, b 1869, drapers porter, retired

Fanny Rawlinson, b 1863, unpaid domestic duties

Jane Barker, 1864, unpaid domestic duties

(15): Charlotte Gilson, widow, b 1861, old age pensioner

Elizabeth Davis, b 1876, widow, daily cook


Jack Overhill recorded in his diary 1.1.1944:

There was a terrible row in the street last night after I got to bed: Jess was up. A Londoner living in Terrace Lane wanted to fight an American who had walked into his house and put £2 down on the table. The Londoner was half-drunk and with much profanity bawled out that his wife wasn’t a prostitute. At times he spoke in a pitiful maudlin manner to his pal Stan, telling him the tale how he thought the American was counting his money: ‘Jist picture it Stan, us there quietlike and in’e walks say’n he’d been told goo to number 9 (his address) …….


12. Jas A Powley

13. Derek J Hodges



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