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23 Collier Road

History of 23 Collier Road


George Irons, 60, hotel butler, b Swaffham Prior

Mary Ann, 59, b Devonshire

Daisy Winifred, 23, typist, correspondence college, b Swaffham Bulbeck

Louisa Maria Harry, 33, stepdaughter, b Glamorganshire

Edith Mary Harry, 31, stepdaughter, photographers assistant, b Glamorganshire

Clara Moore, 18, niece, b Surrey

James William Sowler, 35, boarder, jewellers assistant, b Durham

Henry Charles Gannaway, 24, boarder, jewellers assistant, b London



Caroline E Coulson, b 1866, retired needleworker

Ellen L, b 1868, retired corset machinist

Martha M Lamb, b 1873, retired domestic servant


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