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Frank Plumpton Ramsey

4 Mortimer Road

History of 4 Mortimer Road

3 & 4 Mortimer Road


Herbert Ainslie Roberts, mathematician

Herbert Ainslie Roberts, 4 Mortimer Road


April 1927 – 1930:

Home of Frank Plumpton Ramsey. He was born at 71 Chesterton Road, son of Arthur Stanley Ramsey, fellow and later president of Magdalene College. Frank became a fellow of King’s College at the age of 21 and a university lecturer in mathematics in 1926. He died in 1930 after an abdominal infection.

Ramsey was the first to translate Ludwig Wittgenstein‘s Tractatus Logic-Philosophicus into English. Wittgenstein lived at 4 Mortimer Road for a short time after returning to Cambridge from Austria in 1929. He then moved to Frostlake Cottage on Malting House Lane.



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