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Sturton Street Chapel

Primitive Methodist Chapel, Sturton Street

History of the Methodist Chapel


Rev G Windram

Of existing places, the least in point of size is that in Sturton Street, a populous street in a working class locality. Accommodating only one hundred and fifty hearers, it has nearly fifty members, a flourishing Sunday school and other prosperous institutions, and enjoys a degree of success out of proportion to its bulk. In general enthusiasm and evangelistic zeal this church is like a bit of northern Methodism. From time to time conversions take place, and even college professors from more formal gatherings have appreciated leading its worship. Started in 1875, it meets a felt need in the neighbourhood. It is to be hoped that before long convenient premises will be erected that it may properly, garner where it has gleaned. (from the Christian Messenger 1912)

1913: Primitive Methodist Chapel

Rev. G. Windram, minister

1962: Methodist Chapel



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