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13 High Street Cottenham

13 High Street, Pepys Cottage, Cottenham

History of Pepys Cottage

Listed building:

Cottage, mid C17 and early C18.

Cottenham in Focus (2002) notes that John Haddow, copy holder of the Rectory Manor sold his property at 13 High Street, and some land at Smithy Fen, for £40.

1681: death of Francis Wisdom so property passed to his daughter, Edith Matthews, and John Dimmock, son of his deceased daughter.

1723: house under split ownership at time it was altered. Brick walls added and half the roof tiled.

1759: Richard Matthews, Edith’s son, bought back other half of the property.



Timothy Norman, 60

Sarah, 55

William 30


John Ainger, 54, farmer

Ann, 40

William, 15

Esther, 13



Timothy Norman, 72, land proprietor

Ann Fulston, 40, house keeper

Stephen Fulston, 15, errand boy,



John Ainger, farmer of 28 acres employing 1 labourer


William, 24, employed on farm, b Cottenham

Ester Ann, 22, b Cottenham

William Carrington, 22, farm servant, b Oakington



Timothy Norman, 82, retired farmer, b Cottenham

Ann Fulstone, daughter, widow, 49, house keeper


John Ainger, 75, farmer of 25 acres, b Cottenham

Ann, 53, b Beds

Esther, 32, b Cottenham

Josiah Rayment, 14, servant, b Cottenham



Nathan Gautrey, 30, ag.lab., b Cottenham

Sarah, 30, b Cottenham

Harriet, 10, b Cottenham

Esther, 8, b Cottenham

Elizabeth, 6, b Cottenham

James, 4, b Cottenham

Jonas, 1, b Cottenham


[next door]

William Angier [sic], 56, farmer of 30 acres employing 1 boy,  b Cottenham


Ellen, 8, b Cottenham



Esther, sister, 42, b Cottenham



David Gilbey, 36, ag.lab., b Balsham

Hannah, 36, b Cottenham

Fred, 16, ag.lab.,  b Cottenham

George, 14, ag.lab., b Cottenham


[next door]

William Ainger, 54, farmer, 15 acres


John, 17, b Cottenham

Abner, 11, b Cottenham

Esther, lodger, 52, annuitant, b Cottenham



Gifford Maskell, 53, ag.lab., b Cottenham

Sarah, 53, b Longstanton

Harriet Bailey, niece, 12, b Manea


[next door]

William Ainger, 64, farmer, b Cottenham

Harriet, 63, b Soham

Esther, sister, 65, b Cottenham



Stanley Royston, carrier

Emilie, b Posen Poland


[next door]

Frederick Trundley, 22, ag.lab., b Cottenham

Annie, 24, b Rampton


Harriet Ainger, 73, b Soham

Esther Ainger, 73, b Cottenham



Stanley Royston, 45, market carrier and farmer, b Willingham

Emilie, 47, gardener, b Posen Germany

Edith, 9, b Cottenham

Ilse, 5, b Cottenham



Emilie Royston, b 1863


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