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147 (119) High Street, King’s Head, Cottenham

History of the Kings Head

1715 elegant red brick house built by the Retor, John Dowsing and later owned by the Kimpton family.


See Francis Garrett, Cottenham Ablaze:

28.12.1848: fire was detected at a barn at the pub. Despite the fire engine, flames spread to William Norman’s stack-yard, the cottage of Joseph Thulbourn and then Mr Bennett’s house. Mr Chiver’s house, the King’s Head, was also consumed.

There was an inquisition chaired by the Rector at the White Horse. At the March 1849 Assizes, Lydia Skinner (servant to Chivers) said that a Jonathan Nunn had been refused any more beer after getting very tipsy following the Ploughing Match in November. Comments Nunn had made were considered to incriminate him and he was sentenced to Transportation for life.


11.11.1850: fire was seen in William Hines barn next to the King’s Head (which had been rebuilt after the 1848 fire.) The fire was thought to be the work of an arsonist. After this event a meeting was held at which it was decided to divide the parish into districts with night-watchmen to spot fires.

1863 purchased by Benton Peck of the Hopbind and opened as the King’s Head, the former King’s Head across the road at 134 High Street, having closed.

1869 Benton Peck took licence which had been refused to the tenant Pauley who was in jail for 14 days having stolen 4d worth of mangold wurzel.

1871 William Moore

William Moore’s widow married Handel Porter.

1881 Kings Head

Handel Porter, 26, publican and ag.lab., b Cottenham

Susan, 30, b Cottenham

Henry John Moore, stepson, 12, page boy, b Cottenham

Caroline Moore, step daughter, 6, b Cottenham

Frederick Porter, son, 3, b Cottenham

Gertrude A, daughter, 1, b Cottenham

Eliza Towler, 52, monthly nurse, b Cottenham

George Watson, boarder, 32, ag.lab., b Oakington

1891 King’s Head Tavern

Handel Porter, 36, publican and ag.lab.


Henry John Moore, ag.lab.

Caroline Moore

Fredrick Porter

Gertrude Alice

Lily, 4,

George Watson, lodger, 47, ag.lab., b Cottenham

1894 Harry Morgan licensee


Harry Morgan, 49, publican, b Suffolk


Harry Morgan loses license


John Webb

1911 King’s Head

John Webb, 30, publican, b Northants

William Clarke took over this year


Rook shooting party from VAD Hospital at Baptist Chapel, outside King’s Head Cottenham (photo E Smith)


Licence refused and pub closed.


Alfred Rogers, b 1898, news agent and general dealer (special constable)


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