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319 High Street, Cottenham

319 (213) High Street, The Social Retreat, Ivy Villa, Cottenham

History of 319 High Street, Cottenham


William Bicheno, 65, glover


Jacob Smith, 50, farmer


Susanah Kimpton, 76, independent


William Pauley, 41, ag.lab.


Kimptons Yard:

John Thurston, 31, basketmaker


William Wattson, ag.lab.


James Todd, 59, farmer


Elizabeth Smith, widow, 52, land proprietor, b Cottenham


William Camps, 40, farm of 11 acres no lab., b Histon


John Camps, 75, ag.lab.,  b Waterbeach


Robert Wilson, 36, ag.lab., b Cottenham


Joseph Pierson, 30, ag.lab., b Cottenham


William Whybrow, 68, surveyors lab., b Chesterton


David Prime, 43, journeyman miller publican, b Hunts


James Todd,  68, butcher and farmer, b Cottenham


See Francis Garrett – Cottenham’s Inns and Hostelries: The Social Retreat beer house was opened about 1850. Owned by the Kimpton family, the licensee was David Prime who was also the miller at Goode’s windmill on Rampton Road.


John G Smith, 44, farmer of 86 acres employing 4 men 1 boy


William Camps, widower, 54, farmer, b Cottenham


John Camps, 85, retired labourer, b Waterbeach


Public House:

David Prime, 53, publican and miller


Phebe Graves, 51, butcher, b Cottenham


John Graves Smith, 54, yeoman, b Cottenham


William Camps, 62, farmer of 17 acres employing 1 boy, b Cottenham


Social Retreat:

David Prime, 63, beerhouse keeper and flour seller, b Needingworth


Ebenezer Smith, 33, farmer of 26 acres employing 1 boy, b Cottenham


Social Retreat became a six day licensed house.

1881 approx.

John Graves Smith, 64, farmer of 41 acres employing 1 labourer


Walter Kimpton, 32, blacksmith


Mary Camps, 83, formerly farmers wife, b Cottenham


Social Retreat:

David Prime, 73, beer flour and corn retailer, b Needingworth


Ebenezer Smith, 43, farmer of 56 acres employing 2 men and 1 boy, b Cottenham

1891 approx.

John Graves Smith, 74, farmer, b Cottenham


Walter Kimpton,  39, blacksmith, b Cottenham


Arthur William Butler, 27, shoemaker, b Cottenham


George Pierson, 38, ag.lab., b Cottenham


James Waters, 27, ag.lab., b Impington


William Moore, 58, ag. lab., b Cottenham


(The Social Retreat):

David Prime, 83, beer. flour and corn dealer, b HUnts


Ebenezer Smith, 53, farmer, b Cottenham

1895 David Prime gave up licence and Albert Chapman took over.


Property sold 1897 described as: a valuable public house, the ‘Social Retreat’ containing 7 rooms, cellar and wash-house. Bought by Charles Askham. Licensee in 1900 was David Haird.


Harry G Smith, 25, farmer and gardener


Ernest Stocker became licensee of the Social Retreat.

Succeeded by Len Graves, who died in 1911 and his widow cotinued.

1911 Ivy VIlla

Harry Graves Smith, 34, farmer, b Cottenham

Mary Jane Smith, 27, b Cottenham

Florence Rita Smith, 7 months, b Cottenham

Winifred Margaret Pierson, 14, servant, b Cottenham


Frank Gawthroup licensee


John Boughen licensee


Social Retreat license refused and pub closed in 1939.

1939 Ivy VIlla

Mary J Smith, b 1884


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