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The Rectory, 2 High Street, Cottenham

History of the Rectory

Listed building:

Rectory, late C17 and late C19.



Ellen Sarah Banks. 31, b Mildenhall

Fanny Pauline, sister, 25, b Cottenham

Charles Pendock, brother, 18, b Cottenham

Frederic Alan Biden, nephew, 3, b Calcutta India

Lorna Grace, 2, niece, b Calcutta India

John Mansell, 55, curate, b Shropshire

Anne Papworth, 59, cook, b Haddenham

Ada Jane Hitchcock, 16, kitchenmaid,  b Hunts

Selina Ginn, 16, housemaid, b Oakington

Elizabeth Hunt, 21, nursemaid, b Oxon


1891: Rectory

David Greig, 64, rector of Cottenham, b Scotland

Louise, 59, b Scotland

Elizabeth Maria Frances, 18, b Bucks

Elizabeth Deeley, 27, cook, b Bucks

Mary J Marriott, 19, parlourmaid, b Bucks

Minnie Haynes, 18, housemaid, b London



David Greig, clergyman church of England


Anna L Greig, 44, b Scotland

Elizabeth M

Lilian Fisker, cook, 17, b Milton



Robert Percy Moline, 49, clergyman of C of E, b London


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