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High Street / Church End, Long Stanton

History of houses on High Street

1871 The following list seems to correspond roughly with the 1881 list of occupants

Joseph Neal, 56, ag.lab., b Long Stanton


Phillip Rignell, 44, ag.lab., b Long Stanton


John Rignell, 48, ag.lab., b Long Stanton


Charles Shipp, 24, ag.lab., b Long Stanton


Stephen Brundell, 52, blacksmith, b Norfolk

1881 This census is quite vague on the location of houses in Stanton St Michael. ‘New Road’ and ‘Rd’ are difficult to identify with later names. Not only that, but this stretch of road seems to have been covered twice in different census returns for 1881! There may have been some confusion as  to where the boundaries between the parishes lay.


William Smith, 55, shepherd, b Oakington


Farm House;

William Phypers, 76, retired famer, b Long Stanton


Newmans Lowe:

Henry Abbs, 37, ag.lab., b Long Stanton


Rebecca Abbs, 63, b Long Stanton


William Collep, 27, b Long Stanton



Henry Townsend, 64, veterinary surgeon, b Long Stanton


James Abbs, 57, ag.lab., b Long Stanton


George Pope, 36, ag.lab., b Cambridge



Joseph Neal, 66, ag,lab., b Long Stanton


William Crisp, 38, ag.lab., b Long Stanton


John Rignell, 54, ag,lab., b Long Stanton


James Crisp, 44, ag.lab., b Long Stanton


Charles Rignell, 32, ag.lab., b Long Stanton



Jonathan Abbs, 71, gardener, b Long Stanton


New Road:

John Willson, 63, wheelwright, b Long Stanton



Richard Willson, 62, brewer and farmer, b Long Stanton


John J Townsend, 29, veterinary surgeon, b Long Stanton


Thomas Rust, 65, ag.lab., b Long Stanton


Richard Ship, 64, groom, b Long Stanton


Joseph Crisp, 68, ag.lab., b Long Stanton


Henry Day, 36, groom, b Long Stanton


Eliza Crisp, 75, independent, b Oakington


John Rignall, 64, ag.lab., b Long Stanton


William Wonfor, 21, ag.lab., b Long Stanton


Sarah Ann Neal, 35,  domestic servant, b Long Stanton


Charles Rignell, 42, publican, b Long Stanton


Thomas Neal, 31, butcher, b Long Stanton


William Stuffers [?},  retired farmer, b Long Stanton

1901 High Street

James Crisp Rogers, 59, ag,lab., b Long Stanton


Elizabeth Rignall, 79, b Long Stanton


Edwin Rignall, 35, shepherd on farm, b Long Stanton


The Yard:

Thomas Hawkes, 41, railway labourer, b Long Stanton


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