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Miles Lane / Mills Lane / Post Office Street, Long Stanton

History of the Houses in Mill Lane

1871 Mills Lane

John Crisp, 66, shepherd, b Long Stanton


William Crisp, 44, ag.lab., b Long Stanton


Lucy Mills, 45, gardener, b Long Stanton


Arthur Pink, 24, ag.lab., b Long Stanton

Harriet Pink née Sutton, 23, b Over

Rosanna, 2, b Long Stanton

In 1881 the Pink family were living at Bar House


William Standley, 34, ag.lab., b Long Stanton


David Abbs, 38, groom, b Long Stanton


James Rignell, 75, local agent, b Long Stanton


John Stuking, 43, ag,lab., b Long Stanton


Alice Abbs, 71, parish relief, b Norfolk


Francis Rust, 61, thatcher, b Long Stanton


Alice Rignell, 78, parish relief, b Long Stanton

1881 Miles Lane

Mary Crisp, 76, b Chesterton


William Crisp, 52, ag. lab., b Long Stanton


John Parish, 39, baptist minister, b Swavesey


Ruth Butler, 70, b Oakington


Joseph Day, 42, ag.lab., b Long Stanton


John Doggett, 29, platelayers labourer, b Oakington


Joshua Ingrey, 35, gardener, b Long Stanton


Mary Rignell, 81, shop keeper, b Rampton


Thomas Stukins, 25, ag,lab., b Long Stanton


Mary Ison, 75, b Thriplow


Francis Rust, 71, thatcher, b Long Stanton


Dove House:

Hannah Abbs, 58, nurse, b Old Hurst Hunts


Post Office Street:

Joseph Day, 52, ag.lab., b Long Stanton


Arthur Crisp, 27, ag.lab., b Long Stanton


Thomas Stukins, 35, ag.lab.


John Rignell, 42, grocer, b Long Stanton


Mary Day, 73, b Oakington


Frances Ruol, 81, gardener,  b Long Stanton


George Thompson, 33, gardener, b Mildenhall


Edwin Rignell, 25, shpeherd, b Long Stanton


Richard Phillips, 28, shepherd,


William Collis, 34, ag,lab.,


William Crisp, 48, gardener,


Post Office:

John Rignall, 58, post master, b Long Stanton


Post Office Street:

James Rignall, 62, living on own means, b Long Stanton


Thomas Stukins, 45, groom, b Long Stanton


Percy Parrington, 23, railway signalman, b Long Stanton


Joseph Day, 62, ag.lab., b Long Stanton


William Day, 56, gardeners labourer, b Long Stanton


James Breens, 35, market gardener, b Essex


George Breens, 66, carpenter retired, b Essex


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