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65 - 67 High Street, Melbourn

65 (95), Melrose, High Street, Melbourn

History of 65 High Street

1935 (Melrose)

Hilda Thompson

1939 (Melrose)

Archibald G F Thompson, b 1905, bank cashier

(in 1926 Archibald was living at 51 Owlstone Road, Cambridge)

Hilda Thompson, b 1906

? (blacked out)

1945 (Melrose)

Archibald G F Thompson

Hilda Thompson

1949 (Melrose)

Hilda Thompson

The assumption has been made that ‘Melrose’ was numbered as ’95’ High Street about this time. As a result the properties  lived in by the Howard family before 1955 cannot have included this one.


It seems plausible that Moor Cross / Ye Olde Bakery, might have been near the junction of the Cambridge Road and the roads towards The Moor. Hopefully more light will be shed on this.

Melbourn 1901, junction of High Street, Cambridge Road and roads leading north to The Moor OS1901

Melbourn 1946, junction of High Street, Cambridge Road and roads leading north to The Moor OS1946

In the meantime the chronology of Norah Howard’s addresses is given here. The 1901 High Street address is unnumbered but is very close to The Cross, ie the junction of Station Road and the High Street, according to the census.

1901 High Street

Ishmael Howard, 53, boot dealer at home, b Melbourn

Sarah, 53, b Melbourn

Jubal, 20, baker journeyman bread maker, b Melbourn

Jonah, 20, boot maker at home, b Melbourn

Herbert, 17, grocer shopkeeper, b Melbourn

Mary, 15, b Melbourn

Harold, 13, b Melbourn

Norah, 7, b Melbourn

1911 High Street

Ishmael Howard, 63, invalid formerly boot and shoe maker,

Sarah, 62,

Jonah, 30, boot shoe maker and dealer

Jubal, 30, bread baker

Norah, 17, domestic house help

1930 – 1932 Ye Olde Bakerie

Norah Howard

In 1934 Norah Howard was at 366 Mill Road.

In 1936 Norah Howard was at 12 Grange Road

1938 Ye Old Bakerie

Norah Howard

1939 Moor Cross

Herbert Howard b 1883 baker

Jonah Howard b 1881 boot maker

Norah Howard b 1893 household

The 1939 Register shows numerous properties near by with the word ‘Moor’ incorporated.

1945 Moor Cross

Norah Howard

1949 Ye Olde Bakerie / Moor Cross

Jonah Howard

Norah Howard

1950 Moor Cross / Ye Old Bakerie

Herbert Howard

Jonah Howard

Norah Howard


1953 (95)

Hilda Thompson

1955 95 High Street

Herbert Howard

Norah Howard

1956 – 1964 (95)

William E French

Norah Howard

1966 (95)

Ian J Foster Thorn

Joyce R Foster Thorn

In the 1980s nos 65 and 67 were turned into one house so no.67 ceased to be an independent address.

In 2023 the house was the subject of a BBC programme, ‘Uncanny,’ investigating a ghost story involving a ‘Miss Howard.’



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