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Police Station Lane / Cross Lane, Melbourn

History of Police Station Lane / Cross Lane, Melbourn

1901: Cross Lane

Joseph Felstead, 37, … presser, b Herts


Elizabeth Newman, 51, retired farmer, b Beds



Mary A Cooper, 83, b Shepreth


Abraham West, 56, ag.lab., b Melbourn


Daniel Chapman, 45, foreman platelayer, b Melbourn


Josiah Jacklin, 25, cement labourer, b Meldreth


Arthur Baker, 27, cement labourer, b Melbourn


Joseph Wright, 66, ag.lab., b Melbourn


Joseph Brown, 65, retired ag.lab., b Melbourn


Marrian Wade, 65, laundress, b Melbourn


Frederick Rule, 31, shepherd, b Meldreth


1911: Cross Lane

William Cushi Frost, 24, cement work labourer, b Melbourn


William Frost, 48, farm labourer, b Meldreth

Sarah Jane, 44, b Meldreth

Charles, 23, farm labourer, b Meldreth

[Charles was a well known cyclist. He lost £60 of prizes in the 1915 fire.]

Lionel, 16, labourer, b Baldock

Percy, 21, farm labourer, b Whaddon

Horace Beatrice, 7, b Melbourn

Beatrice, 5, b Melbourn

[The Frost family lost their home in the 1915 fire]


Fred Barnes, 40, commercial traveller in hardware, b Bucks




Frederick Thurley, 24, hay binder, b Meldreth

[The Thurley family lost their home in the 1915 fire]


Frederick Smith, 34, general labourer, b Herts


Daniel Chapman, 54, platelayer, b Melbourn

[The Chapman family lost their home in the fire of 1915]


Wilfred Lee, 37, farm labourer, b Melbourn

[The Lee family lost their home in the 1915 fire]


Joseph Cooper, 24, domestic groom, b Melbourn


James Loates, 61, coal merchant labourer, b Meldreth


Marz Ann Chapman, 72, widow, b Meldreth


James Adams, 84, formerly shoe maker and repairer, b Essex


Charles William Walbey, 25, farm horseman, b Meldreth


Arthur Baker, 37, cement labourer, b Melbourn

[The Baker family lost their home in the fire of 1915]


Ernest Henry Pateman, labourer at East Anglian Cement, b Melbourn

[The Pateman family lost their home in the 1915 fire]


Mrs William Stockbridge, 80, b Haslingfield



Edwin Chapman, b 1897, painter and decorator


Leslie Cooper, b 1913, foreman electrician



Walter H Wing, b 1866, bricklayer


Bertie R Brown, b 1914, labourer lime works


Emma Pearce, b 1881


Joseph Blows, b 1886, bricklayer




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