Capturing Cambridge
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7 Cavendish Avenue, Ivy Lodge

History of 7 Cavendish Avenue


Bertha Denson, head, 22, milliner’s apprentice, born Waterbeach

Kate Denson, sister, 19, milliner’s apprentice, born Waterbeach

Bessie Brown, servant, 18, cook, born Chesterton

Louisa Wright, 15, nurse and housemaid, born Swaffham Bulbeck


Alfred Denson, 43, tailor’s fitter, traveller

Sarah A, 43

Marguerite M, 13

Olive G.M., 12

Annie Starling, 18, general servant


Alfred Dinson, 53, tailor and robemaker, born Waterbeach

Sarah Ann Dinson, 53, born Cambridge

Marguerite Hilda Dinson, 23, student (piano), born Cherry Hinton

Alice Gladys Maud Dinson, 22, art student, born Cherry Hinton

Alice Tuck, servant, 18, general servant, born Cambridge




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