Capturing Cambridge
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25 Marshall Road, Gosfield House

History of 25 Marshall Road


Margaret Hunt, wife, 46, born Suffolk

George H., 14, born Cambridge

Gertrude B, 12, born Cambridge

Cyril P, 9, born Cambridge

Sidney H, 8, born Cambridge

Maude M, 6, born Cambridge

Joy W., 3, born Cambridge



Harry Huckle, head, 32, inspector clerk local taxation County Council, born Bedford

Kate Gertrude, wife, 32, (2 children, 1 died), born Essex

Ella Elizabeth, daughter, 7, born Cambridge

James William Arthur Hartland, head, 31, wholesale meat salesman imported, born Herefordshire

Myfanwy Hartland, wife, 30, born Derbyshire

For an account of Harry Huckle in WWI follow this link.


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